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What are the best things to do with your kids if you’re spending the summer in town?


spending the summer in town

If you are spending summer in town this year, rather than taking a summer escape to the beach or mountains it’s time to plan the best things to do with your kids. Before you start pulling your hair out in despair, keep calm: don’t panic, remember you don’t have to keep them busy every second of the day.

Children, especially young children, enjoy themselves with simple games, as long as you play with them! So, let's see the things you can do with your kids in the city.

Turn your home into a playground:

Even being bored can be fun at times! There is nothing wrong with being bored, lazing around the house and inventing games: your kids, like you, want to do things they don’t usually do when they’re on holiday. As we’ve already said, what’s important is to spend time with them, not caring if your house gets into mess if it means they’re having fun!

You can turn your living room into a camp site, the kitchen into a stage for cooking fun and the bedroom a magical place for telling fairy tales!

A picnic in the park:

All you need is a blanket, snacks and your kids. Children love playing and eating outdoors, and sitting on the grass can be such fun. There are so many adventures waiting for you and your kids in town!

Aquarium or zoo:

Do a quick search to find out if there places close to home where your kids can see “strange” animals. Even very young children will enjoy seeing wild animals in real life. And in some nature parks kids are even allowed to stroke the animals: how cool is that!?

Shows in city squares:

During the summer the squares of our cities come alive every night with music and shows. Now that it’s warm, enjoy a stroll through the streets that are ablaze with colour. Your kids will love the street artists!

Rides and theme parks:

If your children are old enough, theme parks and rides are so much fun. Let them enjoy candy floss, rocking horses, trains and toy cars; a couple of hours will pass in a flash and your children will have such fun!

Remember that finding fun things to do with your kids in town is sometimes simpler than you think. The important thing is to spend quality time with your kids, giving them the attention they crave all year round!