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The power of colour


The power of colour

What is the first thing you associate with children? Toys of course, but above all crayons and drawing.

Kids love colouring in as a way of giving vent to their imagination.

Colouring is not just enjoyable way for children to spend an afternoon, but also a way to learn about space, express emotions and learn as they play.

For several years now colouring activities are closer to the world of adults and there are more and more colouring books and albums to choose from on bookshelves and at newsstands.

Because colours are powerful and have a positive effect on adults and children alike.

Let us tell you just how good colours are for you.

Colouring in makes you happy! Studies show that colouring in empty spaces helps you feel more carefree and happy with life.

Colouring in helps children and above all adults feel more relaxed, carefree and happy.

Colouring in also makes us more creative: matching colours, putting them together, choosing which colours to use ... drawing helps the creativity, imagination and creative thinking of children.

Learning to colour inside borders and lines and fill in geometric shapes is a great concentration training tool. Try it!

Finally, colouring in is an excellent way to improve self-confidence. After spending hours drawing, filling in smaller and smaller spaces, the satisfaction you feel when you finish is enormous, with considerable benefits for your health.

Now that you know how good colouring in is for you and your children, we are certain that you will spend more time colouring in and drawing with your kids!

So get out your crayons and felt pens!!