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Preparing to leave your toddler with a babysitter for the first time


First time with the babysitter

Sooner or later almost all Mums will need to leave their toddler with a babysitter.
It's not easy, either for the parents or the child, who find themselves from one day to the next having to share their home with a stranger.


Whether you’re going back to work and there are no grandparents to look after your toddler, or because you need a little time for yourself in the evenings or weekends, here are some ways you can prepare your baby and yourself the first time you leave your baby with a babysitter
Let's see how to prepare.


Don’t feel guilty


Separation from parents is a necessary step in the life of a child.
When you decide to use the services of a babysitter for your children, you must trust the person you choose who should also have specific qualifications (including first aid training).


Don’t let your child see that you are sad or worried, because that will make him feel anxious and scared! Rather, try to prepare your child for this new experience, telling him he will soon have a new friend to play with.



Let's start with the choice of the babysitter


Choosing the right babysitter is important so find a babysitter with references; the best way to find a babysitter is through friends you trust, so you can be sure the references you review are reliable.
One of the most best ways for finding a babysitter is through Facebook, either by asking your friends, or using Mother groups. Almost every city, town or village has its own group where you can get advice and the names of reliable babysitters.

Over and above the references you review, remember to trust your instincts about the babysitter, so that you can leave without feeling anxious and worried.

Depending on how much time the babysitter spends with your children, choose a person who will know how to educate your children to respect your rules and values, so it is important for your babysitter to be authoritative enough to enforce the educational rules you want to give to your children (that you should of course share with your babysitter). 

It is just as important to find a babysitter who can be with us as long as necessary, because often a strong bond is created between children and their babysitter (that you shouldn’t be jealous of) and changing the babysitter too often may upset your child making him feel insecure.

Getting to know the babysitter


You might want to introduce your babysitter and child to each other a few days before, to allow them to get to know each other while you are there.


If possible give the babysitter and your child time to get to know each other, so that it is your child who asks you when the babysitter is coming back. You may want to stay home the first few times to play together. It may seem like a waste of time and money, but it will help both you and your child to enjoy the time spent he spends with his babysitter in the future.



Preparing to leave your toddler with a babysitter for the first time


When you decide that the time is right to leave your toddler with a babysitter for the first time remember that it’s a good idea to give the babysitter a list of numbers (office, grandparents' home,) where she can reach you if necessary, as well as a list of things that may help the babysitter care for your child.


Suggest something that your child enjoys: no one knows better than you what your child likes to do? The babysitter will certainly appreciate your help!


When you leave, always say goodbye to your child, rather than just sneaking out. It could be frightening for your child suddenly to discover that you're not there!


Finally, if your child talks about his babysitter showing you that he enjoys being with her, don’t take it personally! Don’t feel that she is taking your place, rather appreciate the fact that you have chosen well.

Whatever happens, you will always be Mummy and Daddy, the most important persons in the whole wide world for your child!