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The first time you leave your toddler at home with a babysitter


First time with the babysitter

Sooner or later almost all Moms will need to leave their toddler at home with a babysitter. It's not easy, either for the parents or the child, who find themselves from one day to the next having to share their home with a stranger.

How can we make this less traumatic?

First of all, don’t feel guilty: separating from you is a necessary step in the life of your child. When you decide to use a babysitter for your children, you must trust the person you choose who should also have specific qualifications (including first aid training if possible).

Don’t let your child pic up that you are sad or worried, because that will make him feel anxious and scared! Rather try to prepare your child for this new experience, telling him he will soon have a new friend to play with. You might want to introduce your babysitter to your child a few days before, to allow them to get to know each other while you are there.

It is a good idea to write down the numbers (office, grandparents' home, etc.) where the babysitter can reach you if necessary, as well as a list of things that may help the babysitter care for your child.

Suggest some of the things your child enjoys: no one knows better than you the games your child enjoys! The babysitter will certainly appreciate your help!

When you leave, always say goodbye to your child, and don’t sneak out. It could be frightening for your child to suddenly discover that you're not there!

Finally, if your child talks about his babysitter and shows that he enjoys being with her, don’t take it personally! Don’t feel that she is taking your place, rather appreciate the fact that you have chosen well.

Whatever happens, you will always be Mommy and Daddy, the most important persons in your child’s world!