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Playing with autumn leaves


Playing with Autumn leaves

Whoever said autumn was a gloomy season? Trees are covered in leaves in a multitude of colours: from red to yellow, green to brown; a natural rainbow that that is a joy to behold for both young and old.

And what fun you can have with these coloured leaves! Simply step outside the house into the garden, armed with a bag to find a treasure trove of leaves and petals in so many different colours. Then go indoors and let your imagination loose!

Here are just some of the ways you can have fun playing with nature.

  • Collage: this is the simplest and most common way to use coloured leaves to make shapes with leaves, simply by gluing them onto a sheet of paper. Your imagination is the limit!
  • Stencils: stick the leaves with Sellotape on a piece of paper, then get you kids to paint them over with water colours. When they are done, remove the leaves to reveal their work of art. Your kids will just love the shapes they have outlined on the paper!
  • Painting leaves: use leaves to paint on. Get your children to draw shapes on leaves with tempera paint. Let them dry and enjoy your kid’s work of art.
  • Tracing leaves: place a leaf with large veins on the table, and then place a sheet of paper over the leaf. Get your child to colour over the sheet of paper with a crayon: and just like magic the shape of the leaf will appear.

These are just some fun suggestions on how to play with your kids in Autumn and stimulate their creativity.

Tell us about the creative games you enjoy with your kids!