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Morning whims: children’s 5 most common


Mothers VS Morning Tantrums

Dear mums, dear dads,

How wonderful they were, those mornings when the only sound to wake us up was the “BIP, BIP” of the alarm clock? And our only worries were whether we had 5 more minutes to sleep before starting our working day or not?

But now it’s not just the two of you and every day you have to deal with that huge obstacle that has turned your early mornings into a real test of courage: your children’s whims.

Every morning it’s the same story, fickle children from the moment your alarm clock goes off to the moment you leave them at nursery or with the babysitter.

You’re not alone: basically, all families with small children have to deal with this scenario, with all the same tears and complaining.

But to deal with them, we need to know them, so let’s look at 5 morning whims together

1 I want to stay in bed!
You’ve tried them all: waking them up with a kiss, turning on the lights, opening the windows, taking away the duvet. Nothing.
The only answer you’re getting is “no!” and some whining. Besides, who would leave their comfortable bed, surrounded by stuffed animals, to face a new morning?

2 Definitely no breakfast!
Second stage: breakfast. Another sore subject. How many times have you lovingly and carefully prepared their favourite baby bottle, with all the things that that your little one likes and yet you’ve found yourself facing a categorical refusal? A lot, right?!

Don’t give up, try and vary their breakfast and tempt them to try a new treat. Maybe this will make the situation better.

3 Escape from the bathroom.
And here we are, the moment of the bathroom, a real torture judging by the tears of your little ones. They don’t want to wash their face, clean their teeth, and they don’t even want to use the toilet. And who even has the time to take off the make up??

4. How are you dressing me?!
The more they grow up, the more this problem becomes a real issue. While they are really young and don’t have the power to decide, dressing is really an inconvenience mainly caused by having to put on t-shirts, shorts, and let’s not talk about shoes that get taken off 2 seconds after being put on and done up. But when then children start to become more aware, then they won’t want to get dressed because they won’t accept your choice of style.

Don’t take it too personally: you were like this too when you were young, don’t deny it!

5 Stay with me!

And here we are at the final stage of the morning, when you are finally ready to get out of the house to go to work and you have to leave your little one with their granny or with the babysitter. Like clockwork, as soon as you open the door, tears and drama start.

Your little one just doesn’t want you to be abandoned and it just seems useless to try and explain to that you won’t be gone for long and you will soon be back: tears will be out of control.

A common solution.

A common solution often used by many parents is to anticipate the alarm clock.

Set the alarm clock half an hour early and this will give you more time to dedicate to your little one. Also preparing their school bag and clothes at night, before going to bed, this will help to save time in the morning.

You will have more time to wake your little one up with a few more cuddles, to have breakfast more calmly, to play while you’re getting dressed and you will be able to handle their objections with a smile: this can only bring benefits.

Dear parents, how many of you experience these situations?

Send us your comments and maybe your anti-whim techniques to help others, like you, who have to deal with the daily whims of their children.