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Let’s decorate the house together for Christmas, with kid-friendly decorations!


Christmas decorations

Brightly coloured Christmas lights, a crackling fire in the fireplace and the smell of cookies. Christmas, the most magical time of the year is just around the corner!

A holiday that is truly unique and special, above all for children! And like every other year, the time has come to put up your Christmas decorations. Every family has its own secrets and ways to turn their home into sparkling village, but what should we bear in mind if we have a small child in our home?

Let's start by choosing the Christmas tree, the ultimate centre piece of every home. If you have small children who are just learning to walk, an artificial Christmas tree is your best choice. Unlike a real tree, you will not need a pot with earth that your kiddie might decide to play with and put into his mouth! Nor will you run the risk that your child might put the pine needles that fall onto the floor into his mouth.

But remember to make sure that your artificial tree is perfectly stable, to stop it from toppling over by accident.

Once you have chosen your Christmas tree you can start putting up the ornaments. Don’t start from the bottom, but at a height well out of the reach of curious children! Choose plastic, felt or salt dough ornaments rather than glass ornaments, making sure that they do not have sharp or pointed edges.

But it just wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas lights. Read the information on the box carefully when you buy your Christmas lights to ensure that they comply with safety regulations. Keep the Christmas lights out of the reach of your children, since they could become tangled in the lights or even risk an electric shock!

This also applies to ribbons children will want to touch and play with. It is a good rule not to use ribbons and bows any longer than 15 cm, to prevent unfortunate accidents.

One last word of advice: do not use candles! Fire inevitably attracts even the smallest child, with the risk that they may burn themselves or cause an accident. Even if you do not light your candles, they still may be dangerous for small children who might put them into their mouths.

By following these simple rules, Christmas with your kids will be magical, fun and above all safe!