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How to choose their first sport


How to choose their first sport

Do you remember when you started your first physical activity? Sport is great for the body and the mind and this is also true for children who can start physical activity right from the earliest age.

Sport for children of 2-3 years old is fundamental for their growth from an educational and social point of view as well as for their health. Children start to become confident in sport around the age of 3, when they can easily socialize with others, releasing energy and relaxing.

Clearly, children have to experience sport with joy and calm. From 0 to 3 years old, the presence of their parents must be a constant. An enriching experience both for the little ones and for adults

The real benefits of sport in children

Physical activity significantly affects the body, its shape and even some of its functions. First of all, through specific physical activities, it is possible to prevent postural problems, like scoliosis, weight issues and it can increase stamina and eye/hand reflexes. All necessary factors for the correct development of your children.

Sport also helps to open the mind, transmitting to your little ones the values and rules of behaviour, that will help your children in everyday life: interaction with others, team work, and commitment to face new challenges.

What sport to choose

One of the activities that is generally recommended is baby swim classes, an activity that aims at relaxing and physically developing the body.

In contact with water, really small babies revisit the pre-natal experience. Special instructors accompany the parent/baby during their tie in the water. Their job is to assist and give special directions on posture and movements. An activity that can lead the baby to take up swimming in the future.

If you’re not particularly attracted to swimming, you can choose baby-gym, easy gymnastics for babies from 0 to 3 years old. They are recreational activities but follow specific objectives.
Exercises are conducted with the parents and the children, with large coloured mattresses, special equipment, suitable fitness routines. In this age group the aim of the exercises is mainly to develop physical coordination and balance. Moreover, they are a first start step towards body awareness.

Your little ones can’t help themselves when they hear music? Try and get them to start dancing! Try with a musical mum-baby workshop which will make your bond even stronger. Activities are done in a suitable space, completely safe. Little ones are safe from external interferences, noise and general confusion. Thanks to the music, children soon learn how to distinguish sounds and rhythms, increasing their movements with their self-awareness and awareness of the surrounding space.

How to teach them to love sports

Before deciding on a physical activity, follow a few simple rules that will help them love the sport that you want them to take up.

  • Don’t force your children to do sports that they don’t love;
  • Try and follow their wishes and let them try the activities that they think they like the most;
  • Don’t insist if they don’t want to try the sport that you’ve always dreamed about. Try later on or choose another activity with them.
  • Always encourage open air sports, to allow their bodies to move even more.