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Who said you can’t have fun when it rains? Here are fun things to do on dull rainy days.

Often we think that when autumn arrives, the good times outdoors when we can let our children breathe in the pure sea air are over, but every season has its surprises. Autumn of course brings rainy days, but a rainy morning does not necessarily mean that you have to stay indoors. Are you wondering what to do with your kids with the skies are grey?

It is so important to make your children understand that nature has many facets, including dull rainy days, helping them to find a link with nature, and rainy days are always following by days of sunshine. Exposing your child to all sorts of weather and temperatures, cosily dressed, actually stimulates the immune system making your child stronger.

If you find yourself with grumpy kids, when it stops raining take them out for a walk to look for puddles to jump in or let them slide in the mud. What fun! When it won’t stop raining, you can always try painting in the rain. You will need a thick sheet of paper, or if you are really brave, you can paint the pavement outside your home. It’s simple: give vent to your creativity painting the colours you like best, then let the rain make lovely patterns. It will be so much fun, almost like magic!

If each season has its surprises, why not discover what autumn has to offer besides rainy days? Make drawings with leaves, pointing out to your child that the different shades of orange, red and brown are the typical colours of autumn. But you can also collect mushrooms or chestnuts that you can cook and roast together when you come home, letting your child enjoy the tastes of autumn. This is also the time to start planning for Christmas by collecting pinecones to paint for your Christmas tree. Your kids will be so proud to use the Christmas decorations that they have made and painted themselves.

Remember though to dress your children properly when going outdoors. Classic rain boots are a must to stop them from getting their feet when playing in puddles, making your children feel protected, comfortable and dry! Also remember to bring a waterproof jacket with you, so that your children don't catch a cold or get too dirty when playing in mud.

Over and above the things you can do outdoors and dressing warmly to stop your children catching seasonal ills, all your children really need to do to enjoy their day is to have fun. Children do not expect a great deal and if you introduce them to new simple games where they feel free and experience new adventures, they are sure to have fun.