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Have you ever heard of baby-trekking?


Have you ever heard of baby-trekking?

Summer is just around the corner, have you already planned what you want to do with your family? If you enjoy being outdoors and going for walks, then you’re sure to enjoy trekking.

I know what you’re thinking .... with small kids that would be an ordeal rather than a holiday. Have you ever heard of baby trekking? Let us tell you about it!

Nature, beautiful landscapes, a special moment to share with friends, family or with those we love far from the noise of the city: trekking is a way to get away from it all to enjoy mountain landscapes and the wonder we feel when we experience the magnificence of nature.

But as we were saying earlier, if you think that all this is impossible with small kids, you’re wrong. Eventrekking with kids can be lots of fun…. with the proper kit and the right attitude your kids will become budding explorers.

Before tackling a mountain trail with small children, remember that the altitude must be right: with babies (0 to 2 years) the altitude should be below 2000 meters, setting a gradual pace. An altitude above 2000 meters is not advisable with very small children. If your children are older, say 2 to 5 years of age, you can go up to 2500 - 3000 meters without any problem.

If your child is still a toddler, carry him in a maxi backpack when you go for your walks in the woods. All you really need in this case is a strong back!!

If your kids are older, there is the risk that they may get tired and bored or start to feel testy. Your kids may not want to complete the whole trail, and if this happens you need to find a compromise: promising them a tasty treat when you arrive may be a way of solving the problem. Knowing they have a reward to look forward to, helps children perform a task more easily. Or you can turn your walk into a game, a special mission for budding explorers. Your kids will love it!

Choose the right trail: when you have kids, remember to choose an adventurous trail, but above all a trail that they can cope with. Choose a trail that keeps them in contact with nature, to stimulate their interest in their surroundings.

Whatever their age, to prevent tantrums, try to choose a trail that you know they will enjoy and that is not too difficult for them.

Like anything else, baby trekking needs time. Let your kids fall in love with the mountains and nature walks, but don’t force them if they don’t seem to enjoy it.

Patience and a smile are the best way to make your children fall in love with trekking in the mountains!