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Dressed or Over-Dressed?


Dressed or over-dressed

Now that the temperatures have dropped, the first thing parents ask themselves is how to dress their children?

The problem is always the same: should I dress my kids so that they are super warm, or should I dress them in layer with sweaters and jumpers? My advice is always the same. Dressing in layers is always best.

Our children should be able to put their clothes on or take them off according to where they are and what they are doing. Because when it is very cold, the risk of becoming ill because of differences in temperature is always around the corner. So, the best thing is to dress your kids in layers.

How should I dress my child?

Whether you have a baby or an older child, dress them with clothes made of natural materials such as cotton and wool which, unlike synthetic fabrics, retain heat and won’t make your children sweat.

Remember that you should dress your kids in the same way you dress, without over dressing. If it’s hot for you, it will very probably be hot for them too.

As a rule, kids tend to feel the heat more than adults. Above all, babies should not be dressed too warmly, because they transpire heavily.

If all you are wearing is a cotton shirt or a light jacket, don’t bundle up your kids in a quilt jacket, hat and scarf... it’s not always freezing cold!

Remember that kids are generally hyperactive and need clothing that is comfortable even when they run, jump and play.

Finally, it’s important for children to spend time outdoors even in winter; so dress them properly to prevent seasonal illnesses, and don’t forget that when it’s really cold they will need a warm hat, a scarf and gloves.