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What should you do if your kids just won’t drink enough water?


What should you do if your kids just won’t drink enough water

Although it seems an obvious thing to say, water intake is very important, above all for children, because it keeps them healthy, helps digestion and eliminate toxins, and helps organs to function properly.

Sometimes though, children simply won’t drink enough water, perhaps because they have more important things to do, like playing. Let’s see how we can encourage our children to drink more, above all now that summer is just around the corner.

  • Get them into the habit of drinking: right from when you wean them; get your child used to drinking water rather than fizzy drinks. If he is used to having only water at home, he will soon understand how important it is. Keep only sugar-free drinks, to avoid tantrums caused by a lack of sugar, that so often happens when you have coca cola and orange soda in the house.
  • Wee-wee check: with children the key to any lesson is that it must be fun. So why not get them used to drinking more with things that make them laugh? For example, you can check the colour of their urine together. Is it too dark? You need to drink a lot more! Is it pale yellow? Great, we’re on the right track!
  • Magic drinking straws: for toddlers, using a drinking straw may be the easiest way to get them to drink more, above all if you get colourful straws!
  • My glass: as your child gets older, he or she should start using a glass of his own; let him help you choose his glass, because this is another good way to get him to drink more. Make sure he can reach his glass on his own, even when there are no adults around to help him reach the shelf where you keep it. That way when he’s thirsty, he’ll drink without putting it off, with the risk of becoming dehydrated!
  • Flavour or fizz it: water is quite boring and tasteless when all is said and done! Why not turn it into a special drink by adding secret ingredients? Get your child to help you flavour the water he drinks with mint leaves, lemon or orange slices, strawberries and berries, then let your magic drink stand for a couple of hours. Your child will just love the delicious magical liquid you have made together!

These are just a few ideas to get your children to drink more.

Get your kids to drink at specific times of the day, so that it becomes a habit and, at least initially, you can make sure your kids are well hydrated.