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Taking a long trip with your children: what to do for a problem free journey.


Taking a long trip with your children: what to do for a problem free journey.

December is the month of Christmas, meals with the family and travelling. Many families are starting to pack their bags for a short but well deserved holiday together. Besides ski jackets, pants, jumpers and scarves, very often there is another item you need to add to your "holiday list": how to cope with small children on a long car trip? That is what we will be talking about today, giving you suggestions on how to better enjoy this experience.

Leave at night.

Leaving after dinner is something that many parents do. With a pillow, a warm blanket and pajamas under his jacket, you can let your child sleep peacefully in his car seat. The trip for him will be nothing more than a dream!

Colouring the car windows.

A truly creative idea is to let your children draw on the car windows during the trip. All you need is a box of washable felt-tip pens that you can whisk out as soon as you see that your children are starting to get bored. They will have so much fun scribbling and drawing a small colourful world on the car windows!

Treasure hunt.

Treasure hunt is a lovely game that stimulates your children's learning ability. Ask your children to find objects along the route: a tree with yellow leaves, a house with red balconies, a church with a tall steeple ... there is a whole world to discover outside your car windows!

Pit stop.

If your trip is a very long one, plan stops along the way. Very often your children become bad tempered because they are cooped up for a long time. Timetable permitting, stop a few times and get your children to stretch their legs, promising them a sweet or two.

By following these simple suggestions it will be easier for you to cope with the problems you may encounter on a long car trip. So buckle up up your seat belts and off you go!