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SOS sunburns


SOS sunburns

Going to the beach is a blessing for children. Sunbathing in the right way helps  them absorb vitamin D, stimulates growth, and promotes the development of the skin’s immune system. Unfortunately, sometimes after a day at the beach, your little ones might notice some irritating red marks over their bodies: sunburn.
Let’s see what to do!

How to prevent it:

Sun is good even if your little ones are very young, obviously without exaggerating. Children produce melanin from their very firsts month, however melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin) respond less, so tanning is less immediate and intense and the skin is more vulnerable. So, it’s fine to take them to the shore for a walk (best if with a hat on) but you shouldn’t keep them in the sun for long. Always apply 50+ protection on exposed skin, choosing a formula with physical and chemical filters, which will ensure optimal protection and let the skin breath.

Treating sunburn:

If, even after taking all the necessary precautions, sunburn still appears on your little one’s skin, then you should start taking precautions to limit the damage and the irritation.
The first thing to do is obviously keep your little one out of the sun, to make sure the sunburn doesn’t turn into something more serious.

To soothe the redness, use a refreshing after-sun lotion, or even better, an oil emulsion in water, light but highly hydrating. If, in addition to the redness, blisters start to appear and only if the doctor agrees, you can try some cortisone cream to reduce the burn.

Also be careful when you give your little one a shower. Try and avoid very hot water and opt for an oil or a detergent cream instead of the classic shower gel.  These are more hydrating and soothing and will provide a little relief. Baths with soothing powders like oat are also really good.

Over the next few days:

As we’ve already mentioned, try and make sure they don’t go into the sun. Cover the delicate area as much as possible, maybe with a t-shirt, even better if white and in a natural fabric. 

In the days following the sunburn, the skin becomes darker and dehydrated, and so that is why you will need to hydrate it with creams. It will also need to be protected from the sun with very high filters, both to avoid new sunburn and to prevent the formation of dark stains like scars.