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The Paediatrician's Corner

How to use your air conditioning properly

It’s summer! And summer is hot; but heat can be dangerous and difficult to cope with. The first thing people tend to do is stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day with the air conditioning on, even in the car.

Paediatricians no longer have any doubts about air conditioning: use it! Everyone feels uncomfortable when it’s stuffy and hot, even kids. Young children have more difficulty in regulating their temperature and so can be more at risk from extreme temperatures.

But air conditioning, which is so useful when it’s hot and stuffy, needs to be used properly. Here are some simple rules to follow to keep your children cool and healthy!

Summer and insect bites: how to protect your children.

Bees, wasps, mosquitoes and insects can turn summer into a nightmare. Children are almost always more susceptible to inspect bites, but with just a few simple precautions you can prevent and treat these problems yourself without having to go to the paediatrician.

Let's take a look at the pesky critters to be aware of and how to prevent being bitten and the natural remedies we can use, and not just for bites.

The development of childrens feet

We have all seen the wrinkled feet of a new-born baby, that are so soft and flawless, with toenails that seem to be painted on those tiny feet: they are the symbol of a new life that is beginning its journey through the world, on a path that your child still has yet to explore.

What should you do if your kids just won’t drink enough water?

Although it seems an obvious thing to say, water intake is very important, above all for children, because it keeps them healthy, helps digestion and eliminate toxins, and helps organs to function properly.

Coping with Spring fatigue

We have all experienced lethargy and sleepiness, above all in Spring. The same applies to children, who may be a little crotchety and even down in the dumps in Spring.

This is what is known as “Spring fatigue” that produces different symptoms. Let's take a look at the symptoms, understand the causes and defeat them.

Spring is just around the corner ... with all its seasonal allergies.

Spring brings longer days, sunshine and warmer weather, making us want to be outdoors after spending so much time indoors during the winter months. But Spring also brings the very annoying problem of seasonal allergies of which so many people suffer, including children.

Snack Time! Choose healthy nutritious snacks.

Snack time is probably the best time of the day for your kids! A snack is a small amount of food that is eaten between meals, but it just as important as any other meal and should be chosen carefully!

Snacks help to ensure a correct allocation of calories and nutrients throughout the day, making us feel less hungry, and helping keep your child’s weight well balanced.

Dressed or over-dressed? How to dress your children properly in winter?

Now that temperatures have plummeted, the first thing parents ask themselves is how to dress their children.

The problem is the same for everyone: should I dress my kids so that they are super warm, or should I dress them in layer with sweaters and jumpers? I have no doubts. Dressing in layers is always best.

How to avoid coughs and colds this Autumn

Autumn is here and as usual it brings coughs, colds and flu. How can we keep our kids healthier this Autumn?

How to help baby learn to talk

Mothers are often concerned about whether or not their baby’s speech is developing normally. The problem is that some babies just don’t want to start talking!

At more or less 21 months of age, babies say several simple words and their vocabulary expands rapidly. By the age of 2 your baby will know more or less 300 words and string together a few words in short phrases of two to four words.