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When Paolo went missing at the campsite


When Paolo went missing at the campsite

Dear Falcotto,

My name is Franca, mother of Paolo. I am writing to you to tell you about an unpleasant, but amusing, escapade that Paolo got into a couple of weeks ago.

My family and I were on a camping holiday. A wonderful experience for my two children, Alex (aged 7) and Paolo (aged 3), who for a few days felt truly adventurous.

On the first day we took a tour of the campsite together. After visiting the pool area, the games room and recreational areas, we walked past the main bar, which had lots of delicious looking croissants and other cakes on display! Paolo who, like me, has a very sweet tooth, was immediately attracted to the counter.

And immediately started to demand a cake: "Mommy I want a croissant Mommy, a croissant!" It was almost time for dinner, so I said no. Paolo was obviously not happy about this, and started to cry, kicking up tantrum there and then in front of everyone, so I tried to reach a compromise. “If tomorrow morning we wake up really early, we can come back for a croissant, ok?" With this, Paolo calmed down a little, and we went back to our tent.

The next morning I woke up later than expected, because I was tired from our trip and setting up our tent the day before. My husband was still sleeping, so I decided to get up to make breakfast. But when I turned around, I saw that the tent was open. Instinctively I looked towards my children and my heart stopped: only Alex was there, still sound asleep.

I shook my husband awake absolutely terrified "Paolo is gone, he’s run away!” I shouted. We split up to search for him. We went to the pool, the games room, the beach. There was no sign of Paolo. An announcement was made through campsite speakers that a child had been lost.

The more time passed and the more desperate I became. After about 10 minutes I saw a guard running toward me shouting "Madam, we’ve found him!" I jumped up, and ran after him like a crazy woman. And there was my Paolo, sitting at the bar holding a giant croissant in his hands, his face covered in chocolate. "Paolo” I asked “why did you run away?" He looked at me amazed, "I wanted a croissant, you were sleeping and wouldn’t wake up, and I was hungry!"

Needless to say, after our initial fright, we all laughed about what had happened, and celebrated with lots and lots of croissants! ... what a scare though!!