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What is better? Quantity or quality? Or rather, what is the best way to spend time with your children?


Quantity or quality?

When we talk about time, above all the time spent with our children, there never seems to be enough. The most frequent questions parents ask themselves are, in fact, these: do we spend enough time with our children? Is it better to have quantity or quality?

Dear mum, don’t worry: there is no right answer! The perfect mix of quantity and quality is the most correct solution.

Work, school, home, sports activities and the unexpected which lies waiting around the next corner occupy the majority of our days and they often do not allow us to spend enough time with our children.

The time spent together allows us to strengthen family ties and meet the needs of our children who also have a need to establish a trusting relationship with their mum and dad. Finding the balance between quality and quantity is not easy, but it is the best solution for ensuring the best for our children. 

A child’s growth depends as much on the quantity of time you spend with them, as it does on the quality. Quality time allows you to build a solid and deep relationship with your children, while quantity helps create constancy over time.

There are mums who dedicate all their time to the children and the home while, due to work, others are forced to spend much of their time away from the home. Both conditions can bring a child happiness. What counts is listening to them and having conversations with them, playing and, above all, ensuring they are given lots of love and serenity as they grow.

Dear parents, do not be overcome with a sense of guilt: you do not make your children happy only by spending a lot of quality time with them!

You do not have to become superheroes: take advantage of the time you have and make it that more special, not just for your children but also for yourselves!

So, when it comes to quality and quantity, always choose serenity which will condition the time you spend with your children, whether you have a little or a lot!