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Weddings and kids: should they really not be invited?


Weddings and kids: should they really not be invited?

This is the time of the year for weddings and there is nothing worse for us parents (or the bride and groom) to have kids crying and throwing tantrums on such a special day!

Let’s face it, going to a wedding with small kids is not easy. Your joy at receiving the invitation fades away the moment you start thinking about what could happen on what might turn out to be a very long day. Turning the perfect wedding day into a nightmare is just a tantrum away! Don’t worry! You really can enjoy going to a wedding with your kids; you just have to know how to handle things!

Rule number one: be patient!

Lunches and dinners at a wedding are often are often long and kids may very easily get bored and crotchety.

Kids like to feel you’re paying attention to them……they like to be the centre of attention: so, get them involved in what’s happening! Try to involve your child as much as possible, above all during the most boring parts like the church ceremony or between courses.

Here are a few simple tips for a child-proof wedding day:

  1. Weddings are great occasions to socialise: so, let your children play and make friends with other kids: they will have fun and time will fly for them!
  2. Bring a favourite toy: as long as the toy is not too big, bring you child’s favourite toy to play with if he gets bored or to calm him down if a tantrum threatens.
  3. When your child gets bored or starts acting up, try to distract him: play with him, get him to dance … do something!!. The bottom line is that you’ve got to keep your kids from getting bored!
  4. Try to understand when it’s time to go home: weddings are sometimes hard to get through even for us adults. Try to be understanding with your kids. Find a happy compromise and don’t overdo it, when they’ve had enough ... it's time to go home!

Simple, right? For the day to be a success, you and the other guests need to be patient!
Now dress up your princes and princesses in their very best outfits: and get ready to go!