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The best gifts to give a new mum


The best gifts to give a new mum

Are you an expectant mum and wish to give family and friends advice about gifts for you and the baby on the way? Or did you want to give a little gift to a friend who is about to become a mum but don't really know where to start? This is where we come in, to give you some handy advice!

The watchword here is always ‘practicality’! Keep in mind that it is always wise to go for solutions that will help a future mum in her new role, choosing useful and practical gifts that match the aesthetic and emotional aspects of the gift.


Pre-natal gifts

Just like their parents, new arrivals will need comfortable bed linen so they can sleep peacefully. A gift which is always highly appreciated is a set of bed linenand pillowcases for the new arrival’s crib, providing parents with greater selection and availability when it’s time to change the bed.

Even a simple nappy bag represents a useful gift that will make both mum and dad happy, taking away the worry of yet another purchase to be made before the day of the big arrival. 


An interesting alternative, and one that is slowly gaining in popularity is the fetal doppler, a device which makes it possible to listen to the baby’s heartbeat in the expectant mum’s belly, wherever and whenever you wish. A gift to consider for the second trimester. 


Perhaps little-known, but a gift with deep emotional thought is the jewel known as the ‘angels call’. This a pendant, worn at the mother's neck, that has a small bell inside that emits gentle sounds that the baby can hear. Usually, it is a present that is given just before the beginning of the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, when the fetus begins to develop a sense of hearing and can enjoy the sound of angels calling.


And if nothing comes to mind, simply check with mum and ask her if she has already purchased a breastfeeding pillow, essential for keeping babies and mums comfortable at lunchtime! 


Post-natal gifts

And of if you have missed the happy event, here is some advice on what to bring when you visit the new mum! 


Clothing is always a welcome gift and, above all, outfits or bodysuits are the most useful choice and highly appreciated by new mums who can then choose the most attractive outfit for each day. Even bibs, precisely because of their purpose, are a thoughtful gift which will, without doubt, find a use in the little one’s daily routine. 


A good alternative would be an activity mat which can be used quite early in a child’s development, even before they start to crawl. A gift to stimulate the new arrival!


Another useful alternative is a plaster cast moulding kit: there are various types available, and they certainly represent an activity which can be enjoyed by both parents and kids. Above all, they will become a wonderful, lasting memory over the years. 


The Falcotto Baby line also lends itself perfectly to the occasion: crib shoes designed specifically for infants, with their use of soft materials and colourful prints which envelope the feet of the littlest ones, to accompany them during their first few months, as they begin to discover the world around them.


And why not give a thought to something unique and personal? There are many services that now allow you to customise the widest variety of items starting with a simple photograph: cushions, phone covers, bibs and covers. From a simple photograph to a memory to last a lifetime!