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Mum stories: Halloween: sweets, costumes and much more for the under-5s!


Mum stories: Halloween: sweets, costumes and much more for the under-5s!

Halloween is the scariest day of the year, but sweets and fun costumes have managed to warm the heart of adults and children. But be careful, for the little ones from 2 to 5 years old this night could even become too terrifying: so, here are a few ideas to have a fun evening without any tears.

Choose themed costumes but make sure they are not too scary

Costumes that are too realistic are not suitable for little ones, it’s best to go for easier, more classic solutions: wizards, witches, ghosts, black cats and animals of any type are the ideal compromises to stay in the party mood without being intimidating. And if you want to keep your children company, keep in mind that this rule about costumes is also valid for you parents. Though there is nothing to stop you going off grid, even fairies and superheroes are allowed, the important thing is to have fun!

Give space to your creativity in the kitchen

There are many recipes that can transform your everyday dishes into delicious meals with a scary look, but if your little ones are already are a bit picky, don’t bring to the table all those things that could frighten them. Bat shaped biscuits, pumpkin cupcakes or a pizza with the mozzarella laid out in the shape of a ghost will all be able to capture your little ones.

Make the decorations together

To get in the real spirit of the party, your house also needs some tweaking, but don’t get carried away hiding skeletons in the corridor or spider webs in every corner. Choose decorations that are a bit less scary, or even better, why not create them together with your children?

As well as preparing the classic pumpkin, you could cut out ghosts and bats out of coloured cardboard, then fix them onto small wooden sticks: by doing this you will have a spine-tingling Halloween selfie kit!

There are many more activities that can also be made just by using sheets of paper, if your children have a creative spirit, they will also have fun making some themed origami which will be perfect to decorate the table.

If you have organized a small party at your house for your children and their friends, the first thing to do is to send them the invitation. But instead of buying them, why not make them by hand? Arm yourself with white, orange and black cardboard and let your little ones have fun in creating them in their own ways, with a few suggestions from your side. For example, a black button and some white string can give life to a cute little spider, an easy idea that will look amazing on your invitations.

Celebrate in an amusement park

For a day different from the others, why not spend Halloween in a theme park?

There are many that organize events and attractions for the occasion, not only for grown ups but also for the little ones. Carousels, music and costumes will make your children have an unforgettable day!


For a child-size Halloween you only need a bit of foresight. And you, are you ready? Are you already preparing? Let us know how you’re going to spend this day with your children!