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“Mom, I’m scared of the sea!”


“Mom, I’m scared of the sea!”

Dear Falcotto,

My name is Roberta and I'm writing to tell you about something that happened while I was at the beach with my little son Alberto, who is just two years old.

Last weekend, taking advantage of the fact that it was a beautiful day and my husband was not working, we decided to take a quick run to the sea with Alberto for a breath of fresh air.

It was not the first time my son had been to the sea, last year we had spent an entire week at the beach and he seemed to love it. This however was our first trip to the beach this year, and Alberto is starting to be at an age when he can really “enjoy” sun, sea and sand!

I was so excited, and I tried to get across to my son how much fun it would be. Our car was filled with toys of all kinds: buckets and spades, sand moulds, balls, rackets and even bowling balls! Not to mention his brightly coloured armbands, a rubber ring and duck, that last year was Albert's inseparable companion when he swam.

After digging our beach umbrella into the sand, and rubbing mountains of sunscreen all over my son, I was ready for a swim. So after putting Alberto’s armbands on, inflating his rubber ring, I ran with him to the water’s edge. But when I got there, Alberto stood motionless looking absolutely terrified. “Come on, Alberto” I said encouragingly. “The water is lovely, let’s make a big splash”. But my son merely continued to shake his head from side to side, refusing to move. I walked out of the water and asked him what was wrong, after all last year he had just loved swimming!

I’m scared Mummy, really scared!” Alberto was afraid of the waves and the noise of the sea! I tried to reassure him, picking him up and stepping slowly into the water, but he seemed so scared, that I took him away.

We walked back to our beach umbrella and I stopped insisting. And then all of a sudden, he stood up pointing at something in the water. A puppy was splashing about in the waves with his master. “Mom I want to swim too!” he yelled. So a little hesitantly, I took him by the hand and walked back to the water’s edge. Alberto wanted to dive in straight after the puppy to play in the water. So I quickly slid on his armbands, put on his rubber ring and dived in with him, while he laughed with joy.

The moral of the story? In just a second Alberto forgot all about being scared and didn’t want to come out of the water anymore!