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Margherita and her bad dreams


Margherita and her bad dreams

Dear Falcotto,

I am Anna, mother of Margherita, a very lively little girl who is almost 3. I am writing to tell about the bad dreams my daughter had several times this summer.

One evening, after putting her to bed as usual, Margherita woke up crying in the middle of the night. I ran into her bedroom to see what had happened and found her crying and saying “I’m scared, I’m scared!”

I thought at first that she was scared of the thunderstorm that night, so I let Margherita sleep with me in our double bed.

But it happened again twice over the next few weeks. Margherita would wake up in the night crying, saying she was scared and that she didn’t want to go back to bed. After talking to her paediatrician, I realised that she was having nightmares!

Although every time it happened, I would ask Margherita to tell me what had scared her so much in her bad dreams, she was never able to, so I decided to let it go.

But I did try to find a way of stopping these bad dreams, so that Margherita could go back to having a restful night’s sleep. Every night before going to bed I would get her to drink a little chamomile and read her a fairy tale with a happy ending where the hero and heroine were beautiful, strong and invincible!

We also went out together to buy a night light. Margherita wanted a purple one at all costs, her favourite colour! I told her that there was a magic stone in the lamp which kept away bad dreams and would let her have only beautiful happy dreams.

I must say that for the time being it is working and my little girl has been sleeping like an angel for almost a month; she wakes up in the morning rested and ready to go!