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Luca talks in his sleep!


Luca talks in his sleep!

Dear Falcotto,

I'm the mother of Luca, a very lively mischievous 2 year old.

Like most children of his age, now that it’s summer Luca loves to run and play, and never stops a moment.

What’s more, Luca is often up to no good, but will never admit it! Just last week I left him a moment in the living room watching TV, while I was hanging out the laundry in the garden. At a certain point, he came running out of the house to tell me that blue glass vase had fallen down.

I went in to pick up the pieces and asked Luke what had happened; Luca told me a long and complicated story about what Askia, our dog, had done. It sounded a little odd to me but I picked up the pieces without saying a word.

That night, when we were all in bed, I suddenly heard Luca talking in his room. At first I thought he might be having a nightmare and might need comforting.

But he didn’t sound distressed, rather it almost sounded as though he were singing! I woke my husband up and we went downstairs to Luca's room where we realised that he was actually talking in his sleep!!

He was rolling around his bed saying over and over again in a singsong voice: “I’m naughty, I’m naughty”, “I broke the vase!” followed by a giggle.

My husband and I burst out laughing, but there was more to come. Luca went on to say that it wasn’t Askia’s fault, but that he had dropped the vase. In short, a real admission of guilt by a sleepwalker!

The next day, at breakfast, I decided to go back to the subject of the vase, but when I asked him if he was sure that Askia had knocked the vase over, he said: “Well, maybe not ... it might have been the wind!”

My son is always true to form!