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Looking bad at the supermarket


Looking bad at the supermarket

Dear Falcotto,

My name is Angela and I would like to tell you about what happened to me at the supermarket with my daughter Carlotta who is two and a half years old.

Like every Thursday morning my daughter and I went shopping, and as always Carlotta helped me to “choose” products off the shelves from her perch on the shopping cart.

I am very diet-conscious, but I do love chocolate, so I spent a few extra minutes at the candy counter. Carlotta is a very sensitive child and knows all my weaknesses. At a certain point I saw her pick up a colourfully wrapped chocolate bar. So I decided to act like a health-conscious Mum and took away the chocolate bar from her and put it back on the shelf. My daughter didn't say a word.

We continued picking pasta, cookies and the black olives Carlotta loves so much, while at the fish counter Carlotta made funny faces because of the smell. Really funny!

Then my little girl saw a Maltese poodle puppy in the trolley next to her; it really was adorable, so I asked the owner of the puppy if Carlotta could stroke it. The things we do to make a little girl happy.

We then went to the frozen food and deli areas of the supermarket, and finally made our way to the checkout.

I put all the products on the belt, while the cashier put the products through one by one, and then I moved forward to fill my shopping bags; but as I passed through the anti-theft alarm it went off.

“It can happen” I told myself. In the meantime the security guard came over, and the cashier asked me to walk through again. And the anti-theft alarm went off again, so the security guard asked me politely to open my bag that was hanging on a hook of the trolley next to Carlotta. I opened it up immediately and the security guard said, “Maam, what about this chocolate…..?”. I turned as white.

Carlotta had put the chocolate bar with the bright wrapping in my bag. So, a bit annoyed, I took the chocolate and showed it to my daughter looking at her rather severely, but she simply said to me sweetly: “That's a present for you”.

I burst out laughing together with the security guard and the cashier.

It was just an embarrassing moment that went off well thanks to my little girl.

And what about the chocolate? Well…. I bought it and ate it with Carlotta!

Bye for now!