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Going to the seaside with your kids: is it a holiday or simply stressful?


Going to the seaside with your kids

Dear parents, the time has come to talk about a topic that is dear to us all: going on holidays with small kids.

Summer is here at last and people are getting ready to go on holiday to many different locations, but the family holiday favourite is still the seaside. Going to the seaside with small kids can be more stressful than fun.

Besides the million things you need to pack, you will also have to be careful about not letting your kids play under the baking sun and make up games to save your kids from boredom and yourself from their whining and whinging.

One thing is certain: you can forget about relaxing on the beach, listening to music or reading without being disturbed. When you have a toddler it’s almost impossible to have a relaxing holiday!

Firstly, kids hate being in the sun. So, remember that you will need a beach umbrella (or even 2), beach towels and possible even a mini-camping tent that you can put up in just a few minutes. If your child has a place in the shade his day will get off to a much better start.

Don’t forget your sunscreen! It may seem obvious, but it is vital to protect your children with a sunscreen with a high protection factor before any exposure to the sun (avoid exposure when the sun is at its strongest - between midday and three in the afternoon) This means of course that you will have to stop whatever you are doing once every 3 hours or so to reapply sunscreen, especially after bathing.

It’s a bit of a nuisance, we know, but prevention is better than cure! This will prevent you child from getting burnt and complain of feeling sore and itchy.

Sea sand can be uncomfortable for kids. At first, they will love playing in the sand or along the water’s edge! But at the first tiny grain of sand that gets blown into their eyes or mouth, they will start to whine and cry. So, have your wipes ready!

An excellent way to keep kids busy is to take them for a walk along the beach. They will love watching the boats on the horizon and the waves crashing on the shore!

If you have a toddler who is walking on his own, you will have to be doubly careful when you take him for a walk. Remember that at that age kids are curious and always on the go and ready for a bit of fun. Making friends with other kids on the beach is great fun, but an adult should always be there to supervise them: kids can squabble about anything, even sand moulds!

Finally, as we all know, not everyone likes having small children on the beach and may get annoyed if your child cries or throws a tantrum. So take a deep breath and don’t get angry. Try to calm your child down if he starts to get fidgety and whiny; or pick him up and take him to a less crowded area.

What do you do to enjoy your holiday at the sea with your kids?