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Giulio and his fear…of strangers!


Giulio and his fear…of strangers!

Dear Falcotto,

My name is Roberta, mother of Giulio, a sweet little boy who is almost one.

Giulio has always a very sociable happy little boy, with friends and relatives alike Whenever I took him out for a walk in his stroller and we met friends, he always smiled and seemed to be relax and happy. Some time ago however, I notice a change in him.

One evening I had arranged a dinner party with friends who Giulio had met a couple of times before, but when they arrived, my son became very fretful and upset.

He hid behind me and refused to say hello. I thought he just being shy, so I encouraged him to say hello to our guests, but that just made him worse. So that evening I let it go, without worrying too much about it.

But it happened again and again. Every time Giulio met people he didn’t know too well, he would try to hide, and once he even cried at the supermarket when one of my friends gave him a hug!

It was then that I realised that my son was going the stage of being afraid of strangers. I tried to read up as much as I could about it and discovered that this is very common in children of his age, who are beginning to become aware of who they know and don’t know.

The only thing I can do to help my baby right now is not stress him too much with social encounters, and encourage him to relax when we do meet people he doesn’t know.

He is slowly improving and I can only hope that the problem will soon go away, so that my sweet little Giulio will go back to being with other people, the smiling little boy he is with me!