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Eleonora stampedes ... the stage!


Eleonora stampedes ... the stage!

Dear Falcotto,

I am Claudia, the mother of two beautiful girls: Sara, aged 7 and Eleonora, who is almost 3.

I am writing to tell you about an embarrassing but funny thing that happened to me last week at my older daughter's first dance recital.

It was a Friday night. My husband, Eleonora and I had arrived early at the theatre because we wanted first row seats. We certainly didn't want to miss the debut of my beautiful ballerina !!

Eleanor was strangely quiet. It's usually a nightmare when we go out, because she doesn't keep still for a second. I had considered the possibility of leaving her with her grandmother, but she had asked me very particularly to come to the recital because, as she said, she wanted to see her big sister dancing in a "sparkling costume"! Could I say no?!

We all enjoyed the recital thoroughly, and everything thing had gone very well, until the Sara's dance group took the stage. As soon as Eleonora saw Sara on the stage, she started shouting "Sari, Sari, there's Sari!" So I told her to keep her voice down because the show was going to start and she had to be good, and oddly enough she listened to me.

I was so proud and moved by Sara's performance (and I cannot hide that it brought tears to my eyes) but it was while I was applauding hard after the performance that disaster struck! The second that I looked away, Eleonora slid off her seat and ran towards the stairs on the side of the stage. And by the time I realised what was happening, it was too late!

Eleonora was already on the stage with the other little girls and her sister who were receiving their well-deserved applause, giving her own little performance! The audience started to laugh and applaud her rather funny performance. With my face as red as a beetroot, I rushed to the stage, waving at my little daughter to make her come down, but she kept on jumping and doing little pirouettes.

In the end, I had to go on stage, pick her up and take her away: so very embarrassing !!

“Eleonora, we don't do things like that!” I kept on saying to her as I took her back to our seats, amid the laughter of the audience. But my little horror simply smiled at me and said, “Mommy I had to do it, I'm much better than Sari!

Well, that really made us laugh! I guess I'll just have to enrol her in a dance class as soon as possible.