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Don’t open that room! Keeping your kid’s bedroom tidy.


Don’t open that room! Keeping your kid’s bedroom tidy.

“What a mess!” If that is what you say every time you walk into your kid’s bedroom, then carry on reading!

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Every day parents brave the challenge (more or less without fussing) of toys scattered all over the carpet, crumpled clothes thrown here and there, pacifiers hidden under the bed and building blocks waiting for them to step on (barefoot!).

We know how difficult it is to keep your kid’s bedroom or any other room he uses tidy. So today we decided that some anti-mess advice might come in handy. At least we hope so!

Your child’s bedroom must be tidied up every single day: it’s easier to tidy a small mess often, than to tidy a big mess every now and then. You’ll see that it’s worthwhile!

Get your children to help you tidy up their room right from when they are very small. Their teachers at nursery school make them tidy up, so why shouldn’t you!? You’ll see that as they grow older, they will tidy their rooms without your having to tell them.

Toys are the biggest stumbling block, but you can decide together with your child which toys should go in the cellar, which to get rid of or give away because they are old, broken or your child has grown out of them. At times it’s hard, but if you do this with your child at least once a year, you’ll see that it gets easier as time goes by.

Use baskets and containers: if the shelves you have are not enough, get boxes for your kid’s toys. Leave the bottom of cupboards and shelves empty, turning this into a special place for your child to put his toys or whatever else he wants. Don’t get cross if it’s a clutter in there: that’s his special place when he’s tidying up!

Everything has a place: children under the age of three like things to be tidy and in the right place. Teach your kids, for example, that after playing with a doll she has to put her to bed in her cot, or that cars must be parked in the “garage” and so on. In this way everything becomes a game.

Once your kid has finished playing, everything must be put away and tidied. This must the rule for your kids; also, get them to put the toy they were playing away before they start playing with another toy.

And after tidying, praise him! If your child has tidied up, he deserves a hug and to be told that he’s “GOOD” and, why not, you can even reward him with sweet!

It’s up to you now: what stratagems do you use to get your kids to tidy up?