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Dear mums, are you ready to wean your baby?


Dear mums, are you ready to wean your baby

Tantrums, tears, bowls thrown on the floor and baby food on their clothes, high-chair, as well as on the ceiling. Dear parents, you’ve already understood today’s topic, right? And so, welcome to the magical period of weaning, when not even the most entertaining games are able to stop the tantrums of children who refuse to eat.

During this difficult period, we start to introduce new foods into your child’s diet.

And the first question parents ask is: what is (if it actually exists) the right age to begin weaning? In this article, we will try to give you our tips and suggestions for tackling this phase but we also want to learn your tricks and tactics!

From the psychological, motor-skills and, above all, digestive point of view, the child is ready to start the transition from milk (breast or bottle) from the age of four to six months. It is at this very moment that weaning, meaning the time when solid and semi-solid foods can be introduced into a child’s diet, can begin.

Dear mums, one important thing to remember: do not completely replace milk with new foods. Milk (breast or bottle) is the best way to ensure your baby is healthy and nourished, not only from a nutritional point of view, but also from an emotional point of view.

As well as being a fundamental step in the nutritional life of your child, weaning is also an important and delicate time when babies acquire their behaviours and attitudes with regard to their taste and olfactory experiences.

The most common mistakes during this phase are the result of introducing foods which have too much salt or are too high in protein. These foods affect the metabolism of children and can influence their future preferences, pointing them in the direction of a less healthy diet.

But to understand when the moment has actually arrived, simply listen to your child and observe them and you will know if they are ready for this step: their behaviour will give you all the answers you are looking for!

If, however, you do not feel confident enough, trust your family paediatrician who will provide advice on doing it properly.

Remember that the weaning phase is not to be underestimated!