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Dear Falcotto...Diletta's mom


Dear Falcotto...Diletta's mom

Dear Falcotto,

My name is Barbara, mother of five-year old Diletta. My daughter has a strong temperament and is very sure of herself, but sometimes she gets a little too big for her boots and thinks she can do things she is not ready for.

I want to tell you about something that happened to us last summer while we were on holiday. My husband and I adore Tuscany for its cuisine, friendly people, fantastic villages and beaches that are not as beautiful as those in Southern Italy, but are wide and have shallow water for quite a long way out from the shore; for our holiday we chose Cecina, because it is a lively, modern resort, that is also fairly quiet and perfect for children. In the evenings, we enjoyed taking walks and eating an ice cream while visiting one of the nearby villages.

One evening we decided to go to an Amusement Park: like all children, Diletta loves the rides and my husband and I started to take turns on the mini bumper cars, space shuttles, and trains. We also ate candyfloss, adopted a goldfish and had fun tossing balls. But just when we were about leave, Diletta was suddenly attracted by a super scary Witches House!!!!! We tried to tell that that perhaps it wasn't suitable for her, that it would scare her and she wouldn't be able to sleep! But we just couldn't talk her out of it: she insisted that she wanted us to take her on that adventure because, she -so she said- wasn't scared of anything, she knew that it wasn't real and she was the strongest and bravest girl in the whole world! My husband and I looked at each other astounded, but then thought that perhaps there might be a lesson to be learnt for her, that might just bring her down a peg or two.

So I held her hand, we sat in a sort of ghost ship and entered a dark tunnel, where suddenly skeletons and improbable severed heads started popping out accompanied by scary noises and screams of terror. It was almost laughable, but looking at Diletta's face I realised that perhaps I should have been firmer and said no: she had her hands over her eyes and kept saying "Mommy let's go away."

Fortunately, it was a very short ride and once we came out of the tunnel my husband was there waiting for us: Diletta ran to him crying, saying that she had been very very scared. It was then that my husband made up something truly wonderful: he pretended to be furious with the witches who had frightened his little girl and starting to say things like "How dare these old harpies make my little girl cry?"and "I'm going to show them who is stronger!", "I'm going to sort them out !!!!". He suggested that we should go for a little walk while he took care of the matter. I walked a little way away with Diletta, trying to distract her and took her to buy some candy. After about 5 minutes I saw my husband coming back, dishevelled, with his shirt unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up: he looked at Dorothy and said."Sweetheart, your Daddy went into the house of terror and fought off all the witches. So don't you worry,no one can hurt you, Daddy here is!!!! "

The smile that lit up my daughter's face is indescribable as was the joy I felt for the sense of security and protection that her father's wonderful gesture had give her.

I am sure that she will remember this episode for the rest of her life and that when I tell her how her father pretended to fight with the witches to make her feel better, she will appreciate this gesture of love even more.