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Dance lessons ... with Sling Dance!


Dance lessons with Sling Dance

Dancing is such fun, and even more fun when your dance partner is your baby! If you love dancing and are resigned to the fact that you are going to have to give it up because you have a new baby, you obviously haven’t heard about Sling Dance!

What is “Sling Dance”? Sling Dance is a method developed by a group of new mothers for other new mothers that helps to create an even stronger bond with baby right from the start. It’s also a great way to get back into shape after your pregnancy! 

What you need A rigid or elastic sling, with diagonal weave, a little sense of rhythm, and you’ve got to want to have fun! In a Sling Dance class you will be using a support that doesn’t harm baby and dancing in ergonomic positions. You can use either a baby carrier or sling, that’s strong enough for the weight and age of your baby.

How soon can you start? We suggest starting when baby is about two months old. That way new Moms have time to recover from their pregnancy and childbirth. In any case it all depends on how Mom feels.

How long can you do Sling Dance? Here again, it all depends. The weight of the child counts, although some Moms manage to do sling dance until their toddler is two years old. As the child becomes heavier, you change the position of the sling to your back, so that baby feels lighter.

What do Moms do during the class? Whether it’s a one-to-one class or a group class, the teacher will always try to cater for the needs of the new Mothers and their babies. Each lesson lasts about an hour and is subdivided into different phases. The class starts by getting Moms to relax breathing in and out deeply. Next is the warm up and toning phase, focusing on strengthening muscles, stretching and exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and abdomen. At this stage of the lesson, Mom can interact with her child who is not in the sling, but sitting or lying next to her. Mom then places the child in the Sling or carrier and the dance exercises begin, which vary according to the choreographies prepared by the teacher.

The benefits. Dancing is mood lifting for both mothers and babies. For the new mother, it is a relaxing break from her daily routine: the chance to get back into touch with her body and get fit after nine months of pregnancy, and socialise with other Moms!

Sling Dance is good for baby too! It improves the sense of balance, lifts baby’s mood and calms him down: it’s almost like being rocked in Mummy’s womb again. Your little one will also enjoy that Mom is in a good mood, which makes him feel good too.

What about Dad? Sling Dance classes are not just for Mums! Dads can join too! Dads can try a Sling Dance class; it helps to strengthen their bond with the child, and is certainly an experience they will never forget!