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First Experience


Nine long months have just passed and, after giving birth, it is almost hard to realise that your baby is finally in front of you. A concentration of love and joy enclosed in a tiny body that you are almost afraid to touch. The baby is there in front of you and, after the first moments of excitement, you are already looking forward to holding it in your arms at home, in the nursery that has been prepared for months. Then thoughts, doubts and questions start to surface, such as whether the baby will be OK at home, whether you are ready to look after it yourself and how you will make sure you give it everything it needs. No need for instruction booklets. Just take a deep breath and follow your instincts, which, by the way, are almost always right.


There are firsts that you never forget and that will stay in your memory forever. One of these experiences is the first day at nursery. Parents have a range of mixed emotions, from moments of excitement for the start of a new adventure to other moments of healthy concern about leaving their child in an unfamiliar environment for the first time. These are all normal feelings that it is right to experience and learn to manage because the success of such an important first day depends on how those feelings are handled. How do we start? Take a deep breath and follow these simple tips!


Growing up is a continuous discovery. Every day children learn new things, discover smells, tastes, flavours and colours. One of the most important moments, however, is contact with society. In the first months of life, they are used to staying at home with parents, relatives and friends or going to play at the beach or the park, but these are all places where the children can be free and express themselves with serenity. As the months go by, they will begin to have experiences in more formal places where the child has to understand how to behave and respect the rules th


A child's first holiday period is a special time as they begin to experience their first traditions and crafts that will be kept by mum and dad. Obviously, Easter is one of these celebrations, so you have to start preparing to make your child's Easter unforgettable.


The first winter: how to make sure that your child goes through winter without feeling too cold

The first winter is an unforgettable moment for children. Trees start losing their leaves until they are bare, the pavements are all frosty and the days are becoming shorter. The luckiest children will also be able to see their first snow and maybe hold a snowball in their hand to see how quickly it melts.


People say that you never forget your first love, but every age has a special person and the same can also be said for your first best friend. From the day they are born, children are used to living in the family or being with their peers whose parents may be friends, but the emotion of making their first best friend on their own, is nothing short of a victory.


Children love being outdoors on warm sunny days; so what better time than summer and autumn to take them on a day-trip. And what could be more suggestive than a day-trip to the mountains? Fresh air, tranquillity and breath-taking views are the perfect setting for a day out with the family; but if it is the first time you are taking your child on a day-trip you need to choose where to go carefully and plan what to take and what to leave at home to keep your backpacks light and manageable. Here are 3 important things to remember when you are organising your first day-trip to the mountains with your child.

After childbirth: how we can best prepare for when the little one comes home.

The big day has finally arrived, and you are both ready to return home with your new baby girl, or boy! So, what do you need to have in a house ready to welcome a newborn? What needs to be purchased and made ready to prepare for the birth? Let’s look at the most useful things to buy and what you need to do before the big arrival!

Baby’s first Christmas: how to make it memorable without going too far!

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but having a child makes it even more magical. I know that all you want to do is spoil your child with presents and attention, but our advice is not to overdo it! Everything you’ve always said about teaching them that they’re not entitled to everything, will go up in smoke in a moment. So how can we make our children happy without overindulging them?

Let’s educate our little one’s taste at the table

Here we go again, dinner time has arrived but once again your little one has started to throw a tantrum: is this scene familiar to you?

How to choose their first sport

Do you remember when you started your first physical activity? Sport is great for the body and the mind and this is also true for children who can start physical activity right from the earliest age.

Their first time camping

Sleeping under the stars, in touch with nature, a wild experience that will be sure to keep your little ones entertained. Yes, we are talking about camping, the kind of holiday that is perfect even with very young children.

5 tips for flying with kids for the first time

Travelling with your kids is a wonderful way to enjoy a whole host of experiences together. Exploring new places with your kids excites their curiosity and imagination.

Flying for the first time with your child may be quite daunting, but making sure you have everything you need, to keeping your little one happy and making sure you have a comfortable flight is certainly worth the effort.

Baby’s first tooth: here’s what to do.

Parents look forward to their child's first tooth with a little apprehension because this is when they see baby's toothless smile turn into the smile of a toddler. It’s a moment filled with so much joy, when we excitedly call our relatives and friends, and take photos.

Teaching your child to ride a bike: 4 tips for parents.

For kids learning to ride a bicycle is one of life's milestones, some kids learn right away, others take a little longer. But it is always a moment of great satisfaction for children and parents alike.

Your child’s first drawings

Dear parents, watching our children grow is such a rewarding experience. How exciting it is for parents to watch their children as they start to draw, or rather, scribble.

Knowing that this is their way of expressing their emotions, will help you understand right from the start what your child likes most.

So prepare yourself psychologically to see the walls of your home become an art gallery!

Their first time out in the snow? Suggestions and tips for making the most of it.

One of the most enjoyable experiences in wintertime, excluding Christmas celebrations, is snow. Children literally go wild as they watch it through the window from the warmth of their home, or making snowmen outside and leaping about playfully; it is a sensation you will never forget. Above all, if it’s their first time!

A pyjama party for under 5s

Do you remember your first pyjama party? The excitement of sleeping over at your best friend’s house, with everyone wearing pyjamas, reading fairy stories, telling each other secrets and watching cartoons under the blankets.

The transition from bottle to cup: an important milestone for every baby

Is anything better than watching your newborn growing and changing every day?

Every waking moment, your baby is taking in new information about the world and there are so many important milestones to enjoy: the first time baby says “Mommy or Daddy”, potty training and, even if at times it is considered to be a less important milestone, moving on from a bottle to a free-flow beaker and then a cup is a significant stage in your child's development.

Choosing the first family pet

You have been thinking about it for a while and now you're ready for the big step of getting a family pet, a new playmate for your child.

Preparing to leave your toddler with a babysitter for the first time

Sooner or later almost all Mums will need to leave their toddler with a babysitter.

It's not easy, either for the parents or the child, who find themselves from one day to the next having to share their home with a stranger.

My first suitcase

Are ready to go on holiday? Whatever the age of your kids, travelling is a pleasure, but if you don’t organise your trip properly it can turn into a nightmare for both you and your kids.

Packing is very important so here are our tips to help you remember what’s important to bring with you for your kids when you go on holiday.

Swimming with your child

There are many reasons why it is important to teach your children to enjoy water.

Swimming is lots of fun and excellent exercise. Here are tips for taking your toddler swimming.

MUMMY I WANT TO DO IT! How children learn to become independent

Confidence is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child and allowing your children to become independent is a part of this very important process; encouraging your child through the many different stages of his or her development in the right way is the best way to help them become confident independent adults.

Teaching our kids to be kind!

Teaching manners to our children is a task that we parents deal with every single day. Today we want to talk about a topic that is dear to us all, kindness, not merely good manners, but using empathy and intelligence in our dealings with others. How can we teach our kids to be kind?

Has the time come for my child to wear shoes?

Those who have been following us for some time know that a child’s first steps are a fundamental stage in his life. That is why it is important to know when the time has come for your child to wear his first shoes and how to prepare him for this novelty.

Leaving off your toddler’s nappy

Some time ago we talked about how to start potty training during the day. Today, we want talk about night-time potty training, which is very different to daytime potty training.

The first time you child sleeps in his very own bedroom

The time has come at last! Your child is finally going to sleep in his very own room. What can we do to make the transition to his own room happy and trauma-free?

The first thing to remember is that there is no rule for when a child should start sleeping on his own; this is up to his parents, since no one better than they know what their children need and what is best for them.

Baby’s first haircut

The time has come.. for baby’s first haircut! Children lose their baby hair after 12 months; only then will you know if your baby’s hair is going to be dark or blonde, straight or curly. That is why most babies have their first real trim at about 12 months.

Getting ready for the first day at nursery school

September is a month of big changes for parents of 3 year olds: because September is the month when they start nursery school!

This is a very important stage in a child's life because not only is it yet another step towards autonomy and socialization, but also the very first time a child is truly separated from his or her family. What can we do to make things as easy as possible for both children and parents?

Baby's first favourite toy

In order to grow up and relate to others, your child needs a toy to interact with. These objects take on a mental value that helps your child in the transition from a condition of total dependence on his Mother, to a more autonomous phase, where the mother figure is symbolised. In this phase, your child will also realise that Mom is not always there to meet his every need. He will discover that he is a separate and different person from his mother and will start to understand the difference between his inner world and the reality that surrounds him, which is not always exactly what he wants.

Baby's first food meal

The first step towards being independent. The relationship with food is not just about eating to grow and live, but is the result of a many factors involving the emotional and relational sphere.

Potty training

Most parents think about potty training after about 18 months or as their child reaches the age of 2: Toddlers can pick up the idea very quickly if they're at the right stage, when they have the ability to notice when they need to pee and wait to get to the right place.

The first sleepover with granny and grandpa

A child passes through different stages to become autonomous, gradually building up his identity and learning to understand what kind of person he or she wants to become.

From a psychological point of view, children are always attracted and intrigued by new experiences, wanting to prove how "strong" they can be. At the same time these changes may scare your child because they force him to let go, at least temporarily, of the things and habits that make him feel secure.

Riding a bicycle for the first time

One of the first things that Moms want to experience with their children is a bike ride: riding high off the ground at speed, gives children a feeling of exhilaration that excites them making them want more. That is when your child will start asking you for his first bicycle.

That first look

Some Mothers remember it perfectly, others can't remember it at all, but according to the experts, the first time a mother and child look at each other is a moment of fundamental importance for both.

The first time that baby says "Momma"

Lallation or Babbling. The results of a study by British Columbia University demonstrate that the brain of an infant is structured so as to remember words with repeated syllables more easily.

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