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Children and family


Nothing can compare to the magical time of Christmas that involves adults and children right from the first few days of December when the shops are transformed into wonderful Christmas villages inhabited by elves, reindeer and mountains of snow. The joy is infectious, making everyone suddenly feel happy and eager to enjoy unforgettable moments with their families. At the beginning of December, as well as preparing the tree and the nativity scene, there is also the long-awaited moment of writing a letter to Father Christmas, an experience that can be used as an opportunity to pass on values to your child from an early age. But the question is, what can they learn through the letter to Father Christmas? There are two answers to this question: the concept of choice and anticipation.


The arrival of a baby is always news that brings joy and excitement. There are so many things to do to get ready and you can't wait to tell everyone the news, especially to the little brother or sister. This is a very delicate moment and, as such, needs to be managed with some care: how do you tell your child that a little brother or sister is on the way?


All the best stories start with 'Once upon a time', but some of them are not inspired by fantasy kingdoms but by everyday events. Even when children are still in the womb you can talk to them, tell them how the day went and how you can't wait to see them and hold them in your arms for the first time.


The arrival of spring and fine weather brings with it the desire to go outside and enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh air. Especially the first few times, we are all full of enthusiasm, but as time goes on, children, and also parents, start to run out of ideas and we eventually hear the old classic: “What can I do? I’m bored” This is the perfect time to try gardening.


Buying Christmas decorations? No thanks: 5 ideas to show you how your children can help to be the creators of their own Christmas

Christmas holidays are some of the most eagerly anticipated times of the years, when we can dedicate ourselves to family and our loved ones. Obviously for children, it is a little bit different. For them Christmas means tree and presents. But waiting for Christmas is so long and when the children start seeing the first decorations around the city they can’t wait to decorate the whole house. If it’s still too early for decorations but the impatience is strong, why not let them make decorations to show in the house? Here are five easy ideas to make your children creators of their very own Christmas:


Who said you can’t have fun when it rains? Here are fun things to do on dull rainy days.

Often we think that when autumn arrives, the good times outdoors when we can let our children breathe in the pure sea air are over, but every season has its surprises. Autumn of course brings rainy days, but a rainy morning does not necessarily mean that you have to stay indoors. Are you wondering what to do with your kids with the skies are grey?


The first few years in the life of a child are crucial for their intellectual, social-emotional development and the values they acquire so it is important to stimulate them, because children learn from us. A particularly important topic, above all in recent times, is the environment, that children must be taught to respect from when they are very small. So how can we teach our children to love and respect nature in a simple and playful manner making them aware of the importance of protecting the environment in which they live.

Soothers, dummies and pacifiers. All the advantages and disadvantages.

Whatever you choose to call it, the dummy has always been a valuable ally to both mums and dads as well as little ones. They are able to calm a hungry child and help us out with those innocent cries for attention, and the times when we simply don't know what else to do. So, let’s take a little journey around the world of the dummy, to get a better understanding of how to use them correctly!

Dressed or Over-Dressed?

Now that the temperatures have dropped, the first thing parents ask themselves is how to dress their children?

The problem is always the same: should I dress my kids so that they are super warm, or should I dress them in layer with sweaters and jumpers? My advice is always the same. Dressing in layers is always best.

Shy children: how to overcome the fear of strangers?

When you meet some friends during a walk with your little ones, do they hide behind you? When you go out together with other children, do they prefer to stand aside?

Morning whims: children’s 5 most common

Dear mums, dear dads,

How wonderful they were, those mornings when the only sound to wake us up was the “BIP, BIP” of the alarm clock? And our only worries were whether we had 5 more minutes to sleep before starting our working day or not?

But now it’s not just the two of you and every day you have to deal with that huge obstacle that has turned your early mornings into a real test of courage: your children’s whims.

Summer and storms: suggestions on how to cope with your children’s fears!

When we think about the summer, we always think of hot, sunny days, but maybe we are forgetting another climatic characteristic of summer which are the heavy storms.

An atmospheric phenomenon that comes with lightning, wind and rain, ready to change our day from one moment to the next.

And at home, during a storm, it’s always the same story “Mum, I’m really scared!”

What are the best things to do with your kids if you’re spending the summer in town?

If you are spending summer in town this year, rather than taking a summer escape to the beach or mountains it’s time to plan the best things to do with your kids. Before you start pulling your hair out in despair, keep calm: don’t panic, remember you don’t have to keep them busy every second of the day.

Are you about to take a long car journey with your kids? Here are suggestions for a kid-proof journey!

"Mom, are we there yet?" You’re not out of town yet, and your kids are already moaning. Yes, because a car journey with young children can be truly exhausting. So how do you survive a long car journey with young kids?

Have you ever heard of baby-trekking?

Summer is just around the corner, have you already planned what you want to do with your family? If you enjoy being outdoors and going for walks, then you’re sure to enjoy trekking.

“Mom, I want that!” Let’s teach our kids little self-control

Let’s admit it: when you have a small child, every time you go shopping it’s hard not to give in to every “whim” and tantrum.

Books grow up with your kids: children’s library 0 to 3 years of age

There is well-established evidence base to show that the first five years of a child’s life are critical to cognitive, language and emotional development and later life outcomes The enjoyment of reading, in early years, has the greatest positive impact on life outcomes, and creates great bonding time between parents and children

Let’s play together! Rules for adults who want to play with (and like) their children!

If you think about childhood and children, the first thing that comes to mind is playtime. There is nothing little ones like more than to play: by themselves, with friends and, most of all, with mum and dad!

Raising bilingual children

Today we live in an increasingly globalised, multicultural society. Which is why it is so important today for children to grown up in contexts where they can experience all this. Learning a foreign language is the first step in giving children a sincere appreciation for diversity and they should therefore start learning the new language as young as possible.

Family lunches and dinners: teaching your kids table manners.

Christmas is also the time of the year when we enjoy meals with family and friends and keeping small children happy for hours at the table is not always easy! A meal can turn into a nightmare if we do not teach our children table manners.

Coming to terms with digital natives and tech-savvy toddlers

We often hear the term digital natives. But how many of us know what this really means? The term digital native describes a person that grows up in the digital age, rather than acquiring familiarity with digital systems as an adult.

Dealing with the Toddler tantrum and NO phase.

No, I don’t want that.. no, no, no!: did you ever imagine your toddler might reduce you to tears over a simple thing such as getting dressed?

This is the answer you get every time you try to get your toddler to do something! It’s the so-called “no-phase”, which your toddler goes through when he is about two, and rarely lasts more than a year or so.

The power of colour

What is the first thing you associate with children? Toys of course, but above all crayons and drawing.

Kids love colouring in as a way of giving vent to their imagination.

Bedtime on holiday: rituals to sleep well

Sleeping is perhaps one of the difficult topics to discuss when talking about babies and young children: above all when you’re on holiday.

Now that summer is here, we’re ready to go on holiday to visit new places, and our routines and habits change. Going away from home, being in a new place and getting into a new routine is not always easy, but with love, patience and a little advice, you will be able to sleep peacefully even on holiday!

How to make vegetables a lot less boring

Vegetables, are indispensable in any diet

A healthy diet must be varied and contain all the nutrients that the human body needs to function efficiently. Food awareness and eating habits start from childhood, so it is a good idea for parents to teach their children the basic rules right from when they are small, making sure they eat healthy, nutritious foods.

Children, dogs and puppies: some advice to help ensure that everyone is kept happy

It’s wonderful to see children and dogs grow up together and the benefits for both can be huge. Children and puppies can share a special bond that grows stronger as they grow up together.

However it can be challenging at times trying to manage a dog or a puppy and very young children, so we have some advice to help ensure that everyone is kept happy!

Gardening with kids!

Whether you have a small balcony or a large garden, growing flowers and plants is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby for young and old alike.

Gardening is a great activity to enjoy with your children, because it can be a wonderfully educational too. The garden can be a great place to introduce them to the wonders of the natural world in a way that's fun for the whole family. Have you ever tried to get your children to grow and tend to plants and flowers? Today we want to tell you why you should start getting them to do this right away.

What to do when your child bites.

Biting is a normal part of development for babies and toddlers. They use their mouths to explore the world. Up to the age of 2 children tend to put everything into their mouths, from their hands to their toys. Children generally grow out of this type of biting by the age of 2, but if your toddler continues to bite, you need to understand why.

Taking a bike ride with your children: small gestures to make it a great experience!

Now that it is warmer, being outdoors with the family is such a pleasure, above all for families with young children. Taking a bike ride with your children is a lovely way to see the countryside and enjoy the outdoors.

Let’s go shopping!

One thing that parents know is that going shopping with our kids can be exhausting! But sometimes we just can’t avoid it. The thought of kids running through the store, packages falling off the shelves, tantrums and screams...is truly daunting …. mission impossible!

What can we do to survive our shopping experience with our kids? Here is what we suggest.

The importance of fairy tales at bedtime

In an era dominated by technology, animated movies, tablets and much more, reading bedtime stories to your kids is very important, and it is a moment that parents, grandparents and even teachers should share with children.

Listening to a fairy tale satisfies the child's natural desire to hear stories about things that happen, which generally develops at about the age of 2 and then further evolves when he or she is 6, when the child starts to read. Listening to a story develops what is known as narrative thought, namely the cognitive skills through which people structure their existence and give it meaning.

Playing with autumn leaves

Whoever said autumn was a gloomy season? Trees are covered in leaves in a multitude of colours: from red to yellow, green to brown; a natural rainbow that that is a joy to behold for both young and old.

How do Children’s Memory Skills Develop?

We have always been told that children start to remember things at about the age of 3 or 4. As a matter of fact, according to many researchers some babies are able to remember things that happened at about the age of 2, above all if they were things that they talk about with their parents right away.

Your child’s first birthday parties!

There is nothing more exciting for a child than going to a birthday party, or better still having his very own birthday party. Your child’s first birthday parties are truly special magical moments for parents and children alike.

How to choose your child's first shoes

It seems just yesterday that you were holding your baby protectively in your arms. Then after learning how to sit up and crawl all alone, your child is now standing up, ready to explore the world and prove what he or she can do. Your child is growing up and is ready to face those first challenges: learning to walk is an important milestone that you must help your child to achieve in the best possible way.

Escape from the city: a day on the farm

Summer is here: sunshine and flowers tempt us outdoors. A cure-all above all for children, who love to play and enjoy themselves outdoors.

The Easter bunny treasure hunt

Do you really know the story about the Easter Bunny and the coloured eggs? It's a story that children love about families of the past.

Here it is:

Playing with flowers and plants

The scent of spring is in the air, days are growing longer and warmer.

The strong bond between children and nature of enormous educational potential. That is why, with just a little imagination, your garden can become a source of ideas for games and educational activities with your kids.

Let's plan a carnival party!

What better time than carnival to plan a party: the Carnival is a traditional festival in our culture and an opportunity for both young and old to dress up as someone else for a while, making room for creativity and imagination.

Down with boredom: you can also have fun at home!

As we all know, winter is very often a gloomy, rainy and cold month. Children can very rarely play outdoors, so often mothers will hear their children saying: "Mommy, I'm bored !!!"

Rather than just putting them in front of the TV to watch cartoons, you need to use your imagination to turn your living room or bedroom into a playground. If you don't have enough imagination or you think you've already tried everything there is to try, don’t despair! Today we here with simple creative suggestions on how to turn your home into a magical kingdom. And you too will discover that winter is not as boring as you thought!

Let’s get our hands sticky with dough making biscuits for the holidays!

Eggs, sugar, flour and a little imagination! We've made the Christmas tree, the letter to Santa Claus has been written, checked and sent, so there is just last thing left to do to enjoy the happy and joyful atmosphere of the holidays. What you are wondering? Christmas cookies of course! Making them with our children becomes a super fun-filled game which can also be educational. Are you ready? You will need a rolling pin, an apron and chef's hat, press play on your favourite Christmas CD and get ready to enter a sweet and colourful world!

A trip to christmas markets made to measure for children

Are you starting to sniff cinnamon in the air and feel a shiver of ... magic? It’s Christmas you’re feeling with its lights, glittering decorations, gifts and above all Christmas markets. Visiting our Christmas markets is a magical experience for children and parents alike, because strolling around colourful stalls, candied fruit and toys makes us feel like children again.

A fitness programme for mummy and baby.

It's something that all mom's long for: to get back into shape. During our pregnancy we saw that bump grow and our bodies change, and after the birth of our child our routine changed drastically, making us neglect ourselves a little.

Drawing with fruit and vegetables

“If I listen I forget, if I see I remember, if I do things I understand,” said Bruno Munari reiterating the importance of experimentation and experience for a child's growth. In order to stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination we would like to suggest a game from the book “Roses in the salad” by Munari, to explore nature through the senses and colours, and customize objects to make them unique and original.