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Buying Christmas decorations? No thanks: 5 ideas to show you how your children can help to be the creators of their own Christmas


Buying Christmas decorations? No thanks: 5 ideas to show you how your children can help to be the creators of their own Christmas

Christmas holidays are some of the most eagerly anticipated times of the years, when we can dedicate ourselves to family and our loved ones. Obviously for children, it is a little bit different. For them Christmas means tree and presents. But waiting for Christmas is so long and when the children start seeing the first decorations around the city they can’t wait to decorate the whole house. If it’s still too early for decorations but the impatience is strong, why not let them make decorations to show in the house? Here are five easy ideas to make your children creators of their very own Christmas:


1 A Nativity of sticks


Children love the nativity scene and all the characters that live in the small town which, during the Christmas period come to life in their homes. What could be better than creating decorations for the tree and the house by re-creating the main characters? You just need to get some sticks, (like ice lolly sticks) and paint. By gluing the sticks together, you will be able to create the shape of a hut with Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus which can then be coloured. Tie a piece of string to the roof of the hut and you will be able to hang it wherever the children want.


2. Cardboard and cotton wool Father Christmas


Another undisputed hero of this time of the year is the chubby white bearded man who sneaks into the house on Christmas Eve. To make some decorations with Father Christmas as a main character, you just need some white cardboard, and some cotton wool balls. Take a sheet of white paper and ask your child to draw the outline of mum or dad’s hand (as it is bigger than their hands, there will be more space to draw). Cut and start gluing the cotton wool balls where the fingers are. After they have drawn the face on the palm of the hand, stick a red hat on the top of the hand, add some string and hang on the Christmas tree.  

 3 Pine cone angel


Besides the baubles, a Christmas tree also has another very important element: angels. So why not decorate the house with more angels? You will need a pine cone, a wooden or cotton ball, some cardboard and some ribbons. You will only need to stick some pine cones onto some cardboard and the ball at the top. This will make the body and the head of the angel. Then draw the face and use the ribbons to make the hats and the clothes. Continue to decorate with the rest of the ribbons leaving your children’s imagination free to run wild.


  • 4 Cork Christmas tree


Together with the angels you can also add some small Christmas trees to display on the shelves or to hang. To make these decorations, you just need some corks, felt pens and glitter. Stick the corks together to form a pyramid and create a tree. Colour the corks and add some glitter you will have your very own tree.


  • 5 Christmas table place markers


When you invite someone for dinner it’s always nice to personalise their seat so they know how happy you are to have them at your table. What better way to do this than with a Christmas place marker? For this, you just need some wooden clothes pegs, cardboard, felt pens and glitter. The first part is the clothes peg which needs to be decorated by drawing the face of a reindeer at the top. The second part will be made of cardboard. Choose two colours and draw around the hand of your child making lots of hands, cut them out, colour them in and then put them together alternating the colours to make a circle. This will create a small garland. Put a cardboard circle in the centre using one of the two colours chosen at the start and write the person’s name. You can use the reindeer clothes peg to clip the garland to the end of the napkin so it doesn’t fly away.


It will be so exciting for your children to see the house decorated with their crafts. This will not only will make them proud, but it will also make them understand that you don’t need to buy things from shops if you want something special. They will learn the commitment that you need to make things by hand, and if it’s done with family, they will receive the greatest of gifts: a beautiful memory they will keep for the rest of their lives.