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Bedtime on holiday: rituals to sleep well


Bedtime on holiday: rituals to sleep well

Sleeping is perhaps one of the difficult topics to discuss when talking about babies and young children: above all when you’re on holiday.

Now that summer is here, we’re ready to go on holiday to visit new places, and our routines and habits change. Going away from home, being in a new place and getting into a new routine is not always easy, but with love, patience and a little advice, you will be able to sleep peacefully even on holiday!

Leaving to go on holiday may make your kids feel nervous, because kids feel secure in a routine.

There are some rituals that you can continue of course, before they go to sleep: like taking out their pyjamas, reading them a fairy tale, turning down the lights, singing a lullaby ...

The most important thing is to get them through the day without upsetting their routine even if you are on holiday, so that you can all feel more relaxed. Doing the same things they do at home will help your children not feel the stress of change.

Another way to make sure that everyone gets enough sleep during the holidays is to make the hotel room or apartment as comfortable as possible: this will help your child feel more at home.

When you pack costumes and flip flops for the beach, don’t forget your child’s favourite plush toy or blanket or anything else that makes him feel safe and sleep well.

Don’t forget another very important aspect: food. Your children’s diet is very important even when you are on holiday; the right diet will help children sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed. Keeping a proper meal routine is just as important and helps kids find a proper balance on holiday and not feel stressed.

During the day however let your children play as much as they want. Don’t forget that on holiday they can run, play and have fun as much as they want. When children are happy with what they’re done during the day, they will go to sleep more quickly, and Mum and Dad also get a chance to relax.

Lastly, when you come back from holiday, remember that they will need a few days to get back into their old routine. But don’t worry: with a little patience and love it won’t be long things are back to normal.