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Baby’s first Christmas: how to make it memorable without going too far!


Baby’s first Christmas: how to make it memorable without going too far!

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but having a child makes it even more magical. I know that all you want to do is spoil your child with presents and attention, but our advice is not to overdo it! Everything you’ve always said about teaching them that they’re not entitled to everything, will go up in smoke in a moment. So how can we make our children happy without overindulging them?

Experts suggest you should not give your children more than 2-3 big presents and 5 small ones. Ask your friends and relatives to keep gift-giving reasonable, too many presents will probably confuse your child: it’s so much better for your children to get fewer presents and concentrate on the surprise.

Writing a letter to Santa Claus is a magical moment for children; it’s so much fun to write a list of all the things they want and then to wait for their wishes to come true!
Remember to tell your children that not everything on their list will end up under the Christmas Tree, so that they won't be disappointed: a nice way of telling them this is to say “You know sweetie, Santa Claus has so many children to please all over the world, he may not be able to get you absolutely everything”.
All you have to do is pick the things you think they will like most from their lists: 2 or 3 presents from the list are sure to make them more than happy!

Too many gifts will make your child think that it’s normal, which will end in tantrums as you walk through the shops. Having too many toys will make him tired quickly of any toy, going continuously from one to the other.

If your relatives have not kept gift-giving reasonable and you find yourself with too many gifts, it may be a good idea to hide some of them and give them to your child one at a time over the year; they will appreciate them far more.

We’re counting the days to Christmas now, so be prepared! Contact friends and relatives asking them to keep gift-giving reasonable! Share the gifts on your child’s list between everyone, so that your child enjoys each and every gift in full, keeping all the magic of Christmas.

How are you organising your Christmas shopping? Have your children already written their letters to Santa?