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Are you about to take a long car journey with your kids? Here are suggestions for a kid-proof journey!


Are you about to take a long car journey with your kids

"Mom, are we there yet?" You’re not out of town yet, and your kids are already moaning. Yes, because a car journey with young children can be truly exhausting. So how do you survive a long car journey with young kids?

If you don't want to ruin your holiday before you get to your destination, we have come up with some essential tips for those long car journeys.

First of all, think ahead. Start by getting your child used to taking short car trips before the real holiday journey begins. Try to make you child get used to being in the car and sitting in his seat and above all, stay calm and don’t give in to tantrums and tears!

Plan stopovers along the way, so that your kids can get out to stretch their legs. You can even plan stopovers to show your children things they have never seen before, turning your journey into an adventure in stages.

Besides packing your bags with clothes and other essentials, remember to pack a child-proof "survival kit", with favourite toys, crayons and books. Don't forget your treats and snacks: a snack or fruit juice is a delicious way to break the monotony of the journey!

Make a playlist with your kids’ favourite songs! This is a must-have! That way you can sing along together as you travel. A playlist also helps to distract children who prone to getting car sick, which playing games or colouring might not do. Singing along with your children will help pass the time and take their mind off on how they feel, making the trip more comfortable for them. In any case, a car journey wouldn’t be a car journey without songs and music, would it?

If your child is over 3 years of age, bring along a tablet with movies and cartoons. That will keep them busy for a quite a while.

Guessing games are also fun. For example, you could play at who sees a red car, or a big blue truck first. Whatever you decide to do, try to keep your kids busy and entertained, so that the journey becomes fun rather than a nightmare.

Most of all you will need a great deal of patience because despite bags overflowing with games and playlists with their favourite songs, your kids are still going to be asking every thirty minutes or so "Are we there yet?" Don’t worry, all it takes is a little imagination to turn even the most boring car journey into a magical family adventure!