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A pyjama party for under 5s


A pyjama party for under 5s

Do you remember your first pyjama party? The excitement of sleeping over at your best friend’s house, with everyone wearing pyjamas, reading fairy stories, telling each other secrets and watching cartoons under the blankets.

So why not let your kids enjoy these very special moments too? If they seem too young for a sleepover, why don’t you stop and think a moment: you can organise a pyjama party even for under 5s (at the most, with everyone going home to sleep after the party), with the supervision quite naturally of an adult.

First, you need an occasion to celebrate, which could be a birthday for example. When you have decided the day, talk to the mothers of the children you want to invite. If the children are very young, don’t invite too many but just a close circle of friends and relatives.

Tell them exactly what you will be doing and what the guests have to bring: comfy clothes, a blanket and a favourite toy, a wash-bag, slippers or non-slip socks and, of course, pyjamas!

Once you have given the list to the other Moms, organise your party.

Firstly, choose the room for the kids. Whether it’s the bedroom, the basement or a corner of the living room, it’s important for the children to have a part of your home just for them. Try to supervise the children without making it obvious, because this space will their very own secret place to play in, making them feel “big”. Put cushions, sleeping bags and blankets in the room to give it a proper pyjama-party atmosphere: the children will love it!

Start with a snack. Get the children to come in the late afternoon and make them a yummy snack with hot chocolate and biscuits that they can eat barefoot sitting on the floor.

Now is when the fun starts: being bored is not an option at a pyjama party! Plan ahead, and get the kids to play board games or manual workshops making sure that each and every child has a good time.

Don’t do a classic dinner: make your pyjama party memorable with baskets of sandwiches and snacks, that the kids can eat sitting on the floor or on cushions, watching their favourite cartoon. A movie is a must for any pyjama party, even for toddlers.

After the movie, get the kids to brush their teeth. The party is now almost over and it’s almost bedtime so get the kids into the bathroom to wash and brush their teeth.


This is when you decide whether to send the children home at bedtime or let them sleep over. If it is the first time that the kids are sleeping over, make them a super special breakfast the next morning: remember that even the morning after is part of the party!


You will of course need lots of patience and, above all, don’t worry if they turn the room upside-down: you are giving your child an experience that he will never forget!