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5 tips for flying with kids for the first time


Your Child’s First Flight

Travelling with your kids is a wonderful way to enjoy a whole host of experiences together. Exploring new places with your kids excites their curiosity and imagination.
Flying for the first time with your child may be quite daunting, but making sure you have everything you need, to keeping your little one happy and making sure you have a comfortable flight is certainly worth the effort.

What can parents do in advance to increase the likelihood of a smooth journey? Here are our parenting tips to help you.


5 top tips for flying with a child for the first time.

  1. Rule number one: Keep calm!
    The key to a smooth journey is to: plan your trip.
    Get organised in time and think in advance about what you'll need to bring. That way on the day you travel everything will fall into place.
    Don’t forget to get to the airport well in advance so that you have time to settle your little one and cope with any last-minute hitches.
  2. Chose the best airline.
    This is very important. Opting for a low-cost airline may not be the best choice for a comfortable flight.Should you save on the airfare and have a less comfortable flight or spend more and get better services during your flight?
    The best thing of course is to travel as long as you can with an airline that offers the best services on board. Remember that until two years of age your child does not pay for a seat on the plane but you get a seat belt to fasten to yours.
  3. Pushchair/stroller or baby carrier?
    What should I bring? It all depends on where you are going.
    If you are travelling to a city, a stroller may be your best choice. Strollers are light and versatile and easier to board when you are flying.
    If you are taking a more adventurous trip, you may need a sturdier pushchair. These are pushchairs and strollers that can face rough roads and any weather no matter how far you have to push the stroller during your adventure.
  4. Baby food
    Remember that you cannot take more than 100 ml of liquid on board.
    If you need to prepare drinks, buy water on the plane or after you pass the security check, or ask the flight attendant to prepare the drinks for you.
    If you are on a long-haul flight, remember to ask for the children's menu when you book your flight.
  5. Pack as light as possible
    Clothing and changes of clothing ... the temptation is to bring your whole wardrobe, but it may not be a good idea if you have a limited luggage allowance.
    Think carefully about what you need to bring. Bring only the essentials and do laundry while on the road.


Prepare your child for the flight and try to get across that it’s going to be fun. Remember that your kids are happy when you are happy.