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Senses are the means by which people explore the world and this also applies to children. Thanks to these senses, they discover objects, people and spaces in the home. To nurture their curiosity, games can be used as the best way to learn. In order to understand how to help your own children and what activities to do, you must first understand when these senses are enhanced and how they are used.


The arrival of spring and fine weather brings with it the desire to go outside and enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh air. Especially the first few times, we are all full of enthusiasm, but as time goes on, children, and also parents, start to run out of ideas and we eventually hear the old classic: “What can I do? I’m bored” This is the perfect time to try gardening.


A child's first holiday period is a special time as they begin to experience their first traditions and crafts that will be kept by mum and dad. Obviously, Easter is one of these celebrations, so you have to start preparing to make your child's Easter unforgettable.





The first winter: how to make sure that your child goes through winter without feeling too cold

The first winter is an unforgettable moment for children. Trees start losing their leaves until they are bare, the pavements are all frosty and the days are becoming shorter. The luckiest children will also be able to see their first snow and maybe hold a snowball in their hand to see how quickly it melts.

Sweets and children: how to avoid tummy aches and drama

One of the most frequent questions asked by children is: “can I have a sweet?”. Unless the answer is yes, this moment is always followed by crying, shouting and a tantrum. Whereas if you give in to the sweet eyes of your children, you’ll end up cuddling them in bed while they complain about their tummy ache.

How to teach your children to value the presents they receive

We’re getting closer to that time of the year where everything takes on a halo of magic and for the little ones the keyword is presents. There is the first letter where they meticulously list the presents that they would like to receive and then it’s just a matter of waiting for Christmas Day, when they can unwrap the longed-for toy car and the doll that you saw together at the supermarket. It is a very important moment for your children and your families to build some unforgettable memories, and parents play a very important role.

Buying Christmas decorations? No thanks: 5 ideas to show you how your children can help to be the creators of their own Christmas

Christmas holidays are some of the most eagerly anticipated times of the years, when we can dedicate ourselves to family and our loved ones. Obviously for children, it is a little bit different. For them Christmas means tree and presents. But waiting for Christmas is so long and when the children start seeing the first decorations around the city they can’t wait to decorate the whole house. If it’s still too early for decorations but the impatience is strong, why not let them make decorations to show in the house? Here are five easy ideas to make your children creators of their very own Christmas:


Who said you can’t have fun when it rains? Here are fun things to do on dull rainy days.

Often we think that when autumn arrives, the good times outdoors when we can let our children breathe in the pure sea air are over, but every season has its surprises. Autumn of course brings rainy days, but a rainy morning does not necessarily mean that you have to stay indoors. Are you wondering what to do with your kids with the skies are grey?


Taking care of your child involves many different things, one of the most important of which is nutrition. In some cases, choosing one food rather than another may make all the difference so being aware of the benefits of different foods and the importance of a varied and balanced diet is essential. Especially at this time of year, where bugs are just around the corner, choosing foods that strengthen the immune system can certainly help. Let's take a look at what these are.


Dealing with emotions is difficult at any age and if this is true for adults, it is not surprising that it is even more so for children. One of the first emotions that children experience is jealousy. When playing at home with their siblings or at the park with their friends for the first time, it is always a rather challenging for children to share their toys, leading to arguments, tears and tantrums that makes things difficult for their mothers. What should you do in these cases?


People say that you never forget your first love, but every age has a special person and the same can also be said for your first best friend. From the day they are born, children are used to living in the family or being with their peers whose parents may be friends, but the emotion of making their first best friend on their own, is nothing short of a victory.


In recent months the lives parents have changed radically and a magic word has come into our daily lives: smart-working. The line of time and space that divided work from family life has thinned out to the point that our homes are now the place where we answer e-mails or call the boss while coping with quarrels between siblings or tantrums. So how do we juggle it all without forgetting anything or getting into difficulty? These five steps will make a big difference to your day!


The first few years in the life of a child are crucial for their intellectual, social-emotional development and the values they acquire so it is important to stimulate them, because children learn from us. A particularly important topic, above all in recent times, is the environment, that children must be taught to respect from when they are very small. So how can we teach our children to love and respect nature in a simple and playful manner making them aware of the importance of protecting the environment in which they live.


Children love being outdoors on warm sunny days; so what better time than summer and autumn to take them on a day-trip. And what could be more suggestive than a day-trip to the mountains? Fresh air, tranquillity and breath-taking views are the perfect setting for a day out with the family; but if it is the first time you are taking your child on a day-trip you need to choose where to go carefully and plan what to take and what to leave at home to keep your backpacks light and manageable. Here are 3 important things to remember when you are organising your first day-trip to the mountains with your child.


Summer means playing outdoors and going to the beach where children are out in the sun, exposing them to sun allergy rashes. If this happens you need to use a sun cream, above all for your kids, which means you need to know something about the precautions and remedies that will protect your child. If you are concerned, call your paediatrician.

After childbirth: how we can best prepare for when the little one comes home.

The big day has finally arrived, and you are both ready to return home with your new baby girl, or boy! So, what do you need to have in a house ready to welcome a newborn? What needs to be purchased and made ready to prepare for the birth? Let’s look at the most useful things to buy and what you need to do before the big arrival!

Children and the current situation: 10 practical tips.

This situation, which is so difficult for us as adults, also has repercussion for our children. So here is a guide to explain to the little ones what is happening, with simple preventive tips suitable for children!

Soothers, dummies and pacifiers. All the advantages and disadvantages.

Whatever you choose to call it, the dummy has always been a valuable ally to both mums and dads as well as little ones. They are able to calm a hungry child and help us out with those innocent cries for attention, and the times when we simply don't know what else to do. So, let’s take a little journey around the world of the dummy, to get a better understanding of how to use them correctly!

The best gifts to give a new mum

Are you an expectant mum and wish to give family and friends advice about gifts for you and the baby on the way? Or did you want to give a little gift to a friend who is about to become a mum but don't really know where to start? This is where we come in, to give you some handy advice!

Baby’s first Christmas: how to make it memorable without going too far!

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but having a child makes it even more magical. I know that all you want to do is spoil your child with presents and attention, but our advice is not to overdo it! Everything you’ve always said about teaching them that they’re not entitled to everything, will go up in smoke in a moment. So how can we make our children happy without overindulging them?

Baby has a fever, what should I do?

The first time baby has a fever may be very worrying. Don’t panic: it’s usually nothing and happens to all children, you just need to know what to do!

Here’s what you need to know about fever in babies.

“Mummy I'm bored!” How to have fun indoors even on a cold or rainy day

Dear Parents, are your kids disappointed you can’t go to the park because it’s cold or raining? Don't panic, there are plenty of ways to nip boredom in the bud even indoors! If you are short on ideas, here are some things to do when your kids say "I'm Bored": all you need to do is look around your home at the materials you already have, then add a little imagination.

Dressed or Over-Dressed?

Now that the temperatures have dropped, the first thing parents ask themselves is how to dress their children?

The problem is always the same: should I dress my kids so that they are super warm, or should I dress them in layer with sweaters and jumpers? My advice is always the same. Dressing in layers is always best.

Let’s educate our little one’s taste at the table

Here we go again, dinner time has arrived but once again your little one has started to throw a tantrum: is this scene familiar to you?

Shy children: how to overcome the fear of strangers?

When you meet some friends during a walk with your little ones, do they hide behind you? When you go out together with other children, do they prefer to stand aside?

Mum stories: Halloween: sweets, costumes and much more for the under-5s!

Halloween is the scariest day of the year, but sweets and fun costumes have managed to warm the heart of adults and children. But be careful, for the little ones from 2 to 5 years old this night could even become too terrifying: so, here are a few ideas to have a fun evening without any tears.

12 advice on how to prevent seasonal illnesses

Autumn is here bringing colds, coughs, high temperatures and flu. But how can we prevent these seasonal illnesses getting to our little ones?

The importance of fruit during weaning

Dear mums, if you’re about to start weaning, we know the problems and doubts that you may be having in this period!

Today we want to talk to you about how to introduce a fundamental food into the diet of your little one, a food that is essential for their health: fruit.

How to choose their first sport

Do you remember when you started your first physical activity? Sport is great for the body and the mind and this is also true for children who can start physical activity right from the earliest age.

Morning whims: children’s 5 most common

Dear mums, dear dads,

How wonderful they were, those mornings when the only sound to wake us up was the “BIP, BIP” of the alarm clock? And our only worries were whether we had 5 more minutes to sleep before starting our working day or not?

But now it’s not just the two of you and every day you have to deal with that huge obstacle that has turned your early mornings into a real test of courage: your children’s whims.

Back at the office, away from your children: no drama!

The time has come, the moment that many mothers dread. After months of happiness, new feelings and emotions spent with your new baby, you’re back to reality, back to the office – a change which can affect some more, and some less.

Summer and storms: suggestions on how to cope with your children’s fears!

When we think about the summer, we always think of hot, sunny days, but maybe we are forgetting another climatic characteristic of summer which are the heavy storms.

An atmospheric phenomenon that comes with lightning, wind and rain, ready to change our day from one moment to the next.

And at home, during a storm, it’s always the same story “Mum, I’m really scared!”

SOS sunburns

Going to the beach is a blessing for children. Sunbathing in the right way helps them absorb vitamin D, stimulates growth, and promotes the development of the skin’s immune system. Unfortunately, sometimes after a day at the beach, your little ones might notice some irritating red marks over their bodies: sunburn.

Let’s see what to do!

What a lot going on at the beach: suggestions on how not to get lost!

Are you planning a holiday at the beach with your little ones? Besides relax and fun, remember that beaches are very crowded places and it is easy for small children to become disorientated and get lost. So, what can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen?

Their first time camping

Sleeping under the stars, in touch with nature, a wild experience that will be sure to keep your little ones entertained. Yes, we are talking about camping, the kind of holiday that is perfect even with very young children.

Should young children be allowed to eat ice-cream?

In a cone or a cup? Fruit or creamy? What’s the best flavour? Everyone loves ice cream especially kids who ask for it all the time in summer. When can kids start eating eat ice cream?

It's never too early to teach your child to love water!

Summer means swimming and diving! A magical, super-fun time for kids of all ages. But if your child is afraid of water he will miss out on the fun of swimming in the sea or pool. How can you teach your child to enjoy swimming? The most important thing is to start early!

What are the best things to do with your kids if you’re spending the summer in town?

If you are spending summer in town this year, rather than taking a summer escape to the beach or mountains it’s time to plan the best things to do with your kids. Before you start pulling your hair out in despair, keep calm: don’t panic, remember you don’t have to keep them busy every second of the day.

5 tips for flying with kids for the first time

Travelling with your kids is a wonderful way to enjoy a whole host of experiences together. Exploring new places with your kids excites their curiosity and imagination.

Flying for the first time with your child may be quite daunting, but making sure you have everything you need, to keeping your little one happy and making sure you have a comfortable flight is certainly worth the effort.

Are you about to take a long car journey with your kids? Here are suggestions for a kid-proof journey!

"Mom, are we there yet?" You’re not out of town yet, and your kids are already moaning. Yes, because a car journey with young children can be truly exhausting. So how do you survive a long car journey with young kids?

Dance lessons ... with Sling Dance!

Dancing is such fun, and even more fun when your dance partner is your baby! If you love dancing and are resigned to the fact that you are going to have to give it up because you have a new baby, you obviously haven’t heard about Sling Dance!

Tips to get your kids out of their more annoying habits

Thumb sucking, a comfort blanket or object, nail biting and nose picking ... these are just some of the little habits your kids may have that may be annoying and sometimes even a little embarrassing.

Baby’s first tooth: here’s what to do.

Parents look forward to their child's first tooth with a little apprehension because this is when they see baby's toothless smile turn into the smile of a toddler. It’s a moment filled with so much joy, when we excitedly call our relatives and friends, and take photos.

Have you ever heard of baby-trekking?

Summer is just around the corner, have you already planned what you want to do with your family? If you enjoy being outdoors and going for walks, then you’re sure to enjoy trekking.

Weddings and kids: should they really not be invited?

This is the time of the year for weddings and there is nothing worse for us parents (or the bride and groom) to have kids crying and throwing tantrums on such a special day!

“My child doesn’t want baby food anymore!”

How much time have you spent talking about weaning? How many forums or specialised magazines have you read or been on? How often have you spoken with other mothers or a pediatrician?

You have become a real expert in baby food and how to spoon feed your.

“Mom, I want that!” Let’s teach our kids little self-control

Let’s admit it: when you have a small child, every time you go shopping it’s hard not to give in to every “whim” and tantrum.

Teaching your child to ride a bike: 4 tips for parents.

For kids learning to ride a bicycle is one of life's milestones, some kids learn right away, others take a little longer. But it is always a moment of great satisfaction for children and parents alike.

Why is it wrong to say to children “don't cry!”

Mothers and Fathers listen up! How many times have you said to your child “Don't cry!”?! At least a million times!

Would you ever have thought that something so direct and simple, would actually be pointless or even the wrong thing to say in your child’s most emotionally unstable moments?

Let us tell you why.

Books grow up with your kids: children’s library 0 to 3 years of age

There is well-established evidence base to show that the first five years of a child’s life are critical to cognitive, language and emotional development and later life outcomes The enjoyment of reading, in early years, has the greatest positive impact on life outcomes, and creates great bonding time between parents and children

The importance of choosing the right shoe size.

We, at Falcotto, know how very important your child’s first steps are! Choosing the size and shoe model for your child has a huge impact on the correct development of growing feet. When parents choose shoes for their child (above all that all-important first pair of shoes), they need to consider many different aspects.

Children watch (and imitate) what we do

When I grow up I want to be like Mom or Dad: how many times have we heard our children say that? Children, as we know, tend to imitate everything adults do, starting from their parents.

Your child’s first drawings

Dear parents, watching our children grow is such a rewarding experience. How exciting it is for parents to watch their children as they start to draw, or rather, scribble.

Knowing that this is their way of expressing their emotions, will help you understand right from the start what your child likes most.

So prepare yourself psychologically to see the walls of your home become an art gallery!

Let’s play together! Rules for adults who want to play with (and like) their children!

If you think about childhood and children, the first thing that comes to mind is playtime. There is nothing little ones like more than to play: by themselves, with friends and, most of all, with mum and dad!

Children and sleep: how does the way they sleep change in their first 3 years of life?

Have you ever noticed how, in the space of 3 years the way your child falls asleep, and how they sleep, changes radically?

Dear mums, are you ready to wean your baby?

Tantrums, tears, bowls thrown on the floor and baby food on their clothes, high-chair, as well as on the ceiling. Dear parents, you’ve already understood today’s topic, right? And so, welcome to the magical period of weaning, when not even the most entertaining games are able to stop the tantrums of children who refuse to eat.

Their first time out in the snow? Suggestions and tips for making the most of it.

One of the most enjoyable experiences in wintertime, excluding Christmas celebrations, is snow. Children literally go wild as they watch it through the window from the warmth of their home, or making snowmen outside and leaping about playfully; it is a sensation you will never forget. Above all, if it’s their first time!

“My son is only happy when he’s looking at a screen! What can I do?"

Generation z or digital natives, whatever you want to call them, they’re all the same: super-technological, tablet or smartphone or even a computer always in hand. So what do we do to get our children out of this screen prison?

A pyjama party for under 5s

Do you remember your first pyjama party? The excitement of sleeping over at your best friend’s house, with everyone wearing pyjamas, reading fairy stories, telling each other secrets and watching cartoons under the blankets.

Raising bilingual children

Today we live in an increasingly globalised, multicultural society. Which is why it is so important today for children to grown up in contexts where they can experience all this. Learning a foreign language is the first step in giving children a sincere appreciation for diversity and they should therefore start learning the new language as young as possible.

How to get your child to take medicine? 9 clever tips on how to make the medicine go down.

Children are often an easy target for viruses and bacteria because their immune system is not yet fully developed.

Most parents will agree that nurseries and school are breeding grounds for coughs and colds. This happens above all in winter when children are forced to stay indoors, often in overheated rooms with lots of other children.

Sugar overload at Christmas? 8 suggestions to keep your kids healthy.

The festive season has officially begun, with all the magic it brings. Snow, fairy lights, presents and, of course, sugary foods!

How many gifts are there under the Christmas tree? Or how to stop your kids from getting too many gifts

A whole year spent teaching children that they cannot have all the toys they want and then Christmas comes along and ruins everything!

I am sure that this is something that goes through a parent’s mind at least once! At Christmas if you have young children it’s so hard to limit the number of presents under the Christmas tree.

Family lunches and dinners: teaching your kids table manners.

Christmas is also the time of the year when we enjoy meals with family and friends and keeping small children happy for hours at the table is not always easy! A meal can turn into a nightmare if we do not teach our children table manners.

SOS morning routine: how to get out of the house on time in the mornings when you have small kids.

The alarm goes off and you’re late before you even start.

Mornings for parents with small kids are almost always a nightmare, and we almost always find ourselves racing against the clock.

The transition from bottle to cup: an important milestone for every baby

Is anything better than watching your newborn growing and changing every day?

Every waking moment, your baby is taking in new information about the world and there are so many important milestones to enjoy: the first time baby says “Mommy or Daddy”, potty training and, even if at times it is considered to be a less important milestone, moving on from a bottle to a free-flow beaker and then a cup is a significant stage in your child's development.